Thursday, December 11, 2008

Farewell My Thursday Blessings

Three beautiful young people, Charne, Susan and Adam,
posing here with me and my husband.

At this time of the years in South Africa, all the learning institutions close down for six weeks. Two weeks ago, it was the last Thursday of 2008 that my Thursday Blessings would be staying with me. Two of the three young people, who have been such a pleasure to have, will not be returning. Adam is joining the Creare Team in Johannesburg. Susan is going to university in Potchefstroom. Susan is one of a twin. Can you imagine TWO such beautiful girls? Charne will be returning to Marquard on Thursdays in 2009 with two new members of the tour team. I surmise Charne will be take over from Adam as tour leader.

After my husband and I had returned from our weekly Home Cell Group(Prayer/Bible Study) on that night, these three lovely youngsters had had their dinner, washed up the dishes and were waiting up for us. They wanted a photograph which we duly all posed for!

The next morning while the boys waited at the car to leave, Susan first went to everyone of our (eight) cats and hugged and kissed them. She simply LOVED our kitties, which in turn, endeared her to us. As we all hugged goodbye, I told them to return anytime they were in the vicinity, even if it was years ahead with their spouses and families. This elicited muffled giggles from, especially the boys, as none of them seem to have anyone special in their lives yet.

Goodbye, my young friends. I know we will meet again someday.

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  1. I'm just finding your posts on these young people. What a special group and I'm so glad you were able to host them. What a privilege and a blessing to them and to you :-) xx


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