Monday, July 5, 2010

Holiness is not just for Saints

To live a holy life (which means being set apart by God), is a pleasure to God. To do what God wants means to actively resist evil. It’s not always that difficult. Little acts of kindness and righteousness can make all the difference.

Tell the truth instead of lying. If you get your child to answer the telephone and tell the "lady" ringing you, you're not at home, and you're standing by, that is lying. Exagerating is also a form of lying.

Treat people with dignity instead of cursing them. Ah, I've always said: I never curse people. But what if another driver cuts in front of my car in the traffic? How do I react? And what about when the queue moved too slowly for me at the supermarket? Did I think irritably how slow the till operator is?

Listen to people instead of ignoring them. Uh-oh. When someone is speaking to you, are you genuinely listening? Or do you find that you are already thinking of your reply and hardly listening at all?

Keep quiet about other people’s faults (unless you’re perfect!). If you speak derisively to a friend about your neighbour's strange mode of dress, or complain to your spouse abouthow disobedient your sister's children are, that is talking about other people faults.  We should always remember that when we point one finger at a person, the other four fingers are pointing at ourselves. As the old saying goes: if you can't say anything nice, say nothing at all. Give a gentle answer instead of a cutting response. As women in the home, we are know to set the tone. If my husband comes home from work and seems out of sorts, it's no use me being irritable as well.(And listing all the things that have gone wrong in the house) Rather I need to use a gentle response and soothe the situation with an inner serenity.

Live a life of simplicity instead of excess. Gluttony is not just about over-eating. It is having and doing to much of a thing. Being obsessed with anything is excess. Too much television, too much online activity. Always having to stop at the store and buy something, just for the sake of shopping. The list is endless.

None of these statements above are here to judge anyone reading this today. They are here to remind us that to be holy, we need to resist evil. These are only a few of the ways in which to do it.

Bless you always.

The Arabic for Bible (holy book) is kitab

Source (in part - italics mine)


  1. And I'm glad to be reminded of these awesome things. "For God wants us to be holy as He is a Holy God." God bless.

  2. kitab means book, holy book is al kitab al moqaddas, the verb "write" is katab

  3. Jo, wish there we "like" buttons on blogs. I love this post though. If only there were a way to post this to the whole world. Lord knows we all need this reminder every once in a while.


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