Thursday, July 8, 2010

Khartoum: leaving Shadow and the Budgies

Shadow gets a good grip on Shaun the Sheep

Our grandchildren have "security blankets" in one form or another. As  babies, the oldest granddaughter and grandson each had "Ellies" (toy elephants). It was alway important to know where Ellie was as he was held as the children went off to sleep. I bought third granddaughter a toy lamb which immediately became her security blanket. You can see her sleeping with "lammie" here. I'm not sure what the youngest Hedges is attached to or what Angus and Amanda's cute little boy cuddles, but they're both sure to have something.

Last week while we were shopping in town, we found Shaun the Sheep in the toy section of the supermarket. He wears a tee-shirt that says: I love ewe! So we bought Shaun for Shadow to play with and to use as a security blanket especially while we are away in South Africa.

As we showed Shaun the Sheep to Shadow, he grabbed him and treated him like the enemy. Shaun was lifted by the ear, clutched in Shadow's forepaws and ripped into by the cat's hindlegs.  By that evening Shaun the Sheep was a dirty brown colour (from the dust on the floors) and Shadow the Cat had passed out from exhaustion. (It's tiring work killing a toy sheep)

This blurry photo shows the speed with which Shadow grabs Shaun the Sheep and boot-blacks him with his hindlegs

Going out on break this time is something I wish I didn't have to do ! However Miriam, who loves Shadow and whom Shadow ADORES, will come into the flat every single day while we are away. She will feed Shadow, refresh his water bowl and clean his sandbox. I asked her if the latter was a problem for her, (many people don't like this type of job) but she assured me it would not be a problem! Sweet lady. She will also replenish the budgies water troughs and seedbowls every day and clean their cage every week. In short, she will babysit my pets for me. Hallelujah!

Shadow is still a very young, very inquisitive  kitten  and not capable of finding his way back to our upstairs flat. Should he get out, he would soon be lost in the street. Or he could be stolen - he is so sweet and friendly, it would be so easy to pick him up and take him into another yard.

So I have instructed Miriam and Achmed (the nightwatchman who lets her into my flat when Issam is at work) that all doors leading out of the flat - four altogether - are to be kept closed at all times! I have also typed notices which I will paste onto the doors. Apart from English and phonetic Arabic notices in normal script, I also have the instruction:  "keep the door closed" in Arabic script. Thanks to my blogger friend Rain Drops in Egypt who suggested I use the translation option in Word. 

I believe that Shadow and the birds will be well looked after by darling Miriam and that the doors will remain closed at all times.


  1. I'm glad you have Miriam to help with your 'babies' while you are gone. I'm sure you will worry some about Shadow--but Miriam will do a great job I'm sure.

    My youngest son had a 'blankie' which he used as his security... I could barely get is away from him to wash it... ha

    Hope you have a wonderful trip home... Instead of hugging your kitty---you can hug your grandchildren.


  2. Yes, it's important your critters get good care while you are gone! Have a wonderful trip home.

  3. Hi Jo,
    I'm so glad you have someone to watch over your pets. Shadow is so adorable, I'm sure he will miss you and you him. I love his sheep friend :)
    ☼ Sunny

  4. You (Shadow and the budgies) are blessed to have a great house and pet sitter in Miriam. I'm sure you will all miss each other but hopefully the time will fly by and you will be back with Shadow and the birdies again. I'm sure your grandchildren will fly into your arms when you see them. God bless and safe journey to you and your hubby.

  5. Don't worry Mom, Miriam and Achmed will watch over the babies. By the time you return (and how long will you be gone?) Saun the Sheep may be in pieces but Shadow and the budgies will be just fine.

    Have a safe journey!

  6. She is so cute with her little toy. Shadow will be glad to have her new friend whild you're away. Our dog has his "babies", 4 stuffed seals. He cleans them and carries them around with him wherever he goes.
    Have a nice trip home!

  7. Jo...I just caught up! You have been busy and writing for magazines sounds like an adventure it itself. With such high temperatures there, how will you keep the apartment cool while you are gone? This heat wave we are having is not making me very happy. Everyone is crabby around here. Have a great trip home.

  8. children really have those... you sparked my mind on this I will also blog my childrens comfy blankie ... hahaha! thanks JO. all the best...

  9. Getting Shadow his own security lamb was a great idea. He seems to love it.
    All my kids had favorite blankies when they were babies and toddlers.
    Hope you have fun on your trip. Sounds like your animal friends will be well taken care of.

  10. Glad that you have Mariam and Ahmed to help with your babies and your villa while you are gone.

    You gave me an idea about the security object thing. I might buy one for our pet back home or I'll ask my mother to buy one.

    Enjoy your vacation my dear. Regards to your husband.

  11. What a blessing to have Miriam and Achmed to help care for your pets!

    The Shawn the Sheep and Shadow story was hilarious. I laughed a lot.

    I still have a lot of your posts to catch up one.

    I hope your journey home to SA has been safe and pleasant!


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