Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Hedges Craze

Or is it The Crazy Hedges?

Grant sits on his new motorbike ( in the BMW showroom) while Etienne, the sales manager (and a good family friend) shows him how the new gauges and gadgets work

Back home once the bike had been offloaded from the trailer, Grant rode it into the garage. Angus and Amanda were waiting on our patio when we arrived with the new bike. (In case you didn't know, the Hedges family - every one - is crazy about motorbikes!)

It wasn't long and Angus was astride the bike, getting the feel of it

The following weekend Grant and I rode up to the Vaal dam and stayed over for the night. This was our first ride on the motorbike. Above Grant is enjoying a take-away toasted sandwich and Steers Coffee

Wow, this is a cool colour, Mommy. (Our six month-old grandson on Grant's bike. I told you everyone in the Hedges family is bike-crazy!)
Uh-oh, I don't know if this is "me" What do you-all think?
Now THIS is what  I call fun: sitting in the luggage box!

Mmm, everyone says GranJo's motorbike is more my size!

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  1. A great set of photos. I especially like the ones with your grandson. Very candid shots :-)

  2. Hi Jo, That is one fancy dancy motorbike.... I love it... How do you like it??? Is it much nicer than the last one? This one really comes with everything you could need or want.... Wow----I'm impressed (just like your entire family)...

  3. Sweet Bike! Love your young luggage.

  4. Hi Everyone, I read and appreciate all te comments but am not always able to reply to each one while here in SA. For instance today I'm looking after the same grandson in this post and tomorrow we go to the other grands on the above motorbike! Meanwhile I only have a day to find all my tax invoices and certificates. Yes here in SA it is TAXMAN time again and I have to send him as much as I can not to come off second best! (LOL) I try to visit each blog and comment there, so will speak later again. Blessings and hugs to all. Jo

  5. Hi Jo - it's certainly a B-I-G bike. Hope you'll have many kilometers of enjoyment on it!!

    Your grandson is an adorable guy - ♥ you photos!

  6. Nice looking bike! I love this series of photos. Your grandson looks so cute in the storage box!

  7. What a great bike! And it does look as though everyone is having a great time! How fun! Love your photos as always, Jo, and seeing your family and grandson -- such a cute little guy! Enjoy your week!


  8. I see you start riding them very young in your family. :)

  9. That is certainly a huge bike! What a cute family, even the little one is learning to ride.

  10. Gotta be careful about that grand critter of yours... He will hide in there just to go for a ride... Maybe drill some breathing holes in the bottom of the box just in case he does... He looks so happy!

  11. Hi Jo,the baby is definitely carrying on the family tradition as he looks so at home on the bike, I love the one of him in the luggage box!

  12. OMG JO, your precious angel .. is so cute ... adorable.. the ones in helmet he's like an astronaut ... lovely indeed... dropping by from On This Side of Town

  13. Hahaaa....that is One Cute Baby you got there!
    Nice Bike too!!
    Happy weekend sweetie!

  14. That is an amazing machine Grant has! I hope you are having a fantastic vacation! We're in Oregon for a week

  15. That is one big fancy bike and the same make as our car. When you stay overnight somewhere aren't you worried that someone might steal it? So you have a bike too? You are crazy or just fun loving seniors.

  16. Beautiful bikes. Good looking Grant on his bike attire. And your grandson so cute. I guess it's in the family.

    Wonderful post Jo.
    Have a great week ahead.

  17. The 6 month old in the helmet is hilarious. That's a beautiful yellow motorcycle, but the little red one would definitely be more my size.


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