Thursday, July 1, 2010

Basil and Lemon Hake

Basil and lemon hake - delicious
A while ago my husband found this recipe on the Internet. He downloaded and printed it without a visible link. I do apologize to whoever posted this dish that I cannot credit you, but assure you it was delicious. As noted below the recipe: a dish impressive in its simplicity.

We frequently checked in the supermarket for fresh asparagus. Then one bright day, there it was: a pack of crisp asparagus spears. Adding spring onions to the potatoes while they're boiling, is a wonderful idea and very tasty!

Basil and Lemon Hake (souce unknown)

2 Frozen Hake Fillets
2 Squares of Tin Foil
A Sprinkle of Dried Basil
A Drizzle Olive Oil
Salt & black pepper
A Packet of Baby Spear Asparagus

2 Large Potatoes
A Few Spring Onions
Juice of a Lemon

Set oven to 200° C
Peel potatoes, cut into small pieces and put onto boil
When potatoes are almost done, add the chopped spring onions to the water
Tear 2 squares of tin foil
Place a piece of hake on each square, sprinkle with dried basil, salt and dribble olive oil over it
Fold up into a parcel and place fish in the oven for 10 - 15 minutes (don't overcook)
Blend potatoes and spring onions in a blender with a spoon of olive oil, squeeze of lemon juice, sprinkle of salt and black pepper
Put the asparagus spears onto boil for a few minutes
Once done squeeze over lemon juice, a little basil oil and salt
Place all ingredients on a plate and serve with the juices from the fish drizzled over

The Arabic word for fish is samaka


  1. That looks delicious Jo. Sometimes the best recipes are the simple ones. I myself do not like fancy food.

  2. This looks and sounds delectable, Jo. How nice of Grant to print out the recipe for you!

  3. I enjoyed Hake many times in ZA, but none as good as this looks. And I just love asparagus, when it's affordable.

  4. Thanks Jo... That looks so delicious ---and very healthy. We try to eat fish twice a week. We can get talapia here ---which looks like it would be a nice substitute for the hake....

    Have a great weekend.


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