Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ambrose and Shadow

Even though Ambrose was brought to me (you can read about this here, if you wish) as a bedraggled, tick-infested and petrified kitten, I have not had the courage to let him wander around outside. Shadow goes out into the garden every day and comes in when he hears me in the kitchen. For such a slender cat (Shadow is the white cat with ginger/brown markings) he is the greediest feline I've ever known. Grant says it stems back to his kittenhood in the streets - read slums - of Omdurman, Khartoum before he walked into our apartment in May last year. (You can read about this here, if you wish!)

Ginger, our inherited cat, has the run of the entire camp and wanders all over at will. He sometimes stays out all night and the next day and night, only to return on the third day, yowling (yes, yowling) for food. Ginger had to fend for himself for two years between the time that the previous occupants of our house left him here and when the Hedges' Kitty Hotel opened in January this year. (Ginger was on a walkabout at the time of these photos!)

Ambrose and Shadow in the garden. Cats love to socialise which means they sit a little distance apart and look in different directions (generally) and then they meander off into those directions. Sometimes the one cat will follow the other; else they go off on their own.  I love the last photo of the two headless cats

Ambrose is  very athletic and agile. He climbs up the curtains, uses the louvres as stepping stones, or creeps up shelves to get to the top of our wooden pelmets, much to the detriment of the erstwhile resident ghekkoes who have ceased to exist! Last week while Grant was having his breakfast, Ambrose sat on the door watching him. (At this stage, Shadow is at Grant's elbow begging for yoghurt and breakfast cereal!)  

Ambrose likes being high!

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  1. Don't cats get into/onto the oddest places?

  2. Ambrose is just about as big as Shadow now, isn't he? I remember being nervous when you were first letting Shadow out on his own. Maybe Ambrose will be big and brave enough to be out unattended soon. (He sure is a handsome young fella, too.)
    Luv, K

  3. They are both beautiful, Jo each with their own distinct personalities. If you are interested in reading a marvellous book about a cat, you should visit Dee at
    Dee is an ex-Nun and authors an interesting and beautifully written blog about her convent days, as well as her life both before and since. Dulcy was her first cat and when she died, Dee wrote her story. I have just ordered my copy and am eagerly awaiting its arrival. There is also an e-version available.

  4. Hi,
    Ambrose è magnifico !
    Buona giornata.
    Myriam :))

  5. I admire the cats' ability to find ways to get up high. It's nice they can go outside too.

    Stopping by from Pet Pride.

  6. Cute kitties, they seem to manage to be found in the weirdest places. Great photos, have a Happy Sunday!

  7. I love your photos of Ambrose and Shadow! They are such cute ones!! Cats do manage to get into the strangest places!! Hope all of you have a great week, Jo!


  8. Your description of cat socialization is funny! I chuckled. That Ambrose has amazing balance to be resting on a narrow ledge like that. I love your descriptions of their behaviors.


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