Thursday, December 15, 2011

Monkeys on Chebutie Camp

Continuing with my post on the monkeys around the camp, yesterday I captured pictures of a female and her very small baby. The sight of a mother with a baby is enough to soften any heart. During the spring and summer months here in the valley, there were lots of monkey mothers with babies clutching their undercarriages. I marvel at how they manage to hold as the mothers swing from tree to tree, scamper up steep banks and along rocky paths. But they do. Yesterday I did what I never do (well, not often, LOL!): I fed this monkey. At first I found two tomatoes in the fridge: one for the other monkeys watching me, and one for mama-monkey. I hurled each tomato onto the roof and before they could rolll off, the mother monkey grabbed hers, ran to the apex of the roof and proceeded to eat it. In the early morning sun, this made a perfect picture. A second monkey  grabbed the second tomato and sat a distance away eating it while watching me!

I came indoors to the pantry. Opening a large container of  Grant's Ginger Nuts, I took out a celophane packet containing four cookies. Outside I broke each piece in half and threw the first one up on the roof.
The blue vervet mother monkey with a tiny baby hanging onto her undercarriage (The older monkey in the bottom photo is always with her; perhaps offspring from last season?)

Mama-monkey  - obviously waiting for me  - grabbed the cookie and brought it to her mouth. The baby, still downy-headed, looked up as if asking for a share.

I just love the way this baby reached up and tried to share mum's tidbit

Isn't it just too cute ?

The babies latch onto a teat while hanging on under mum. Milk-on -tap, as it were!

I'm protected by my mum!

I fed mama- monkey two-and-a half biscuits and the  remaining ones to the other monkeys who'd gathered around on the roof!

So there you have it. It's actually taboo (an unwritten law on camp) to feed these animals but having done this, I wanted to share the beautiful photos with you!


  1. Love your photos, Jo.. That baby monkey is adorable... Glad you captured them --and shared them with us... The only place we could see a monkey around here would be a ZOO... ha ha

    Merry Christmas.

  2. Oh Jo, you're bad. LOL
    The trouble with feeding Mama and her older offspring is not the camp taboo, but the fact they will expect tomatoes and ginger-nuts forever now. :~)
    I love the photos, even if you had to break an unwritten law to get them. Mother-anythings with babies are always wonderful to see, and I would have been the #1 monkey-feeder if I'd been there. No one else in the whole place would speak to me if I lived there.
    LOL again.
    Luv, K

  3. The photos are excellent. You already know better than feeding them.

  4. They are excellent shots but you will probably have them coming everyday for a treat now.

  5. Your new camera technique shows off the monkeys to great effect. Have a marvellous time with your friends Jo and enjoy the holidays. God bless <3

  6. Beautiful ... the pic of the baby vervet reminds me of the day Stoffel came to me ... she was a few weeks old and had been confiscated from soldiers who were feeding her booze in a bar ... as soon as Stoffel saw me she jumped into my arms ... and so began what has turned out to be a lifelong friendship - she regards me as the Alpha monkey and won't allow any other woman to come near me ...

    Are Vervets the only type of monkey you get there?

  7. A good mean for excellent pictures, lol ! So cute and if I imagine that you had them in front of you and not in a zoo, it's even better !

  8. Jo, now you have made monkey friends for life. I love the photos and the baby monkey is just adorable. Great photo, I hope you have a lovely day.

  9. LOVE the shots Jo! Now the whole family will be back for more cookies!Hahaaaa

  10. Monkeys are so smart and very entertaining.

  11. Beautiful shots of Mama and Baby! Thanks for sharing them here. Do be careful that they don't start to expect the feedings when you don't have that in mind. They can become quite a nuisance, as I'm sure you know. Loved the photos be concerned for your safety.

  12. I'm sure a once off can be forgiven for this delightful photo-shoot. Best not make a habit out of it though or they will be snatching thins out of your hands and the camera may develop wings.


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