Monday, November 5, 2012

Birding in Tanzania

Just before the rains arrived, Grant, Wessel and I drove outside town on our regular birding route.

At one point we stopped at a wetland area where various  waterbirds were feeding. 
 Sacred ibis immature in the foreground with two adults in the background

Closest to our vehicle were Sacred ibis. This bird is unmistakably mostly white with a contrasting naked black 
head.  The immature is similar to the adult but has mottled black and white feathers over the head and neck.
White-faced whistling duck

While I was focusing on the ibis, a White-faced whistling duck appeared on my camera screen. Although I've seen and photographed this duck many times (especially in Kenya), this was the first time I managed to get a good clear photo of it! Previously we've stopped to photograph a flock of these beautifully patterned duck, only to have them fly up and away whistling shrilly! 
 I can never resist a photo of the last ray of the sun over an expanse of water in Africa

Driving home in the twilight, we always spot other creatures like this tiny buck/deer above

May you all have a wonderful week.


  1. These are great shots of the ibis, whistling duck and young deer. You have a plethora of different animals in East Africa.

  2. Beautiful birds in your area, Jo... I love seeing the Ibis. And of course, I love seeing the deer. Lovely sky picture also.

    Your header is GREAT.

  3. Great shots. You sure live in a beautiful place.

  4. The white headed duck is a beauty. We're not too fond of ibis here as they are in plague proportions. Sometimes you can't eat outside at a cafe without them coming to steal your food.

  5. Not sure if my comment published. I was interrupted and logged out.

  6. Jo, your Sacred Ibis is a cool bird. Nice to see the Whistling duck too. Your photos are wonderful, thanks for sharing your birds.

  7. The little antelope looks like it could be a Dik Dik.

  8. Love the shots! Especially the deer!!


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