Thursday, November 8, 2012

Water urns, planters or garden ornaments?

Whatever the vessels below are, I bought all three from the two ladies in the street this week. 

It all began when Pendo, who was cleaning the front veranda, called me and said that two ladies were selling chungu kwa maji/clay pots for water at my gate. Sitting here at my desk, I flicked my hand back at her and said, tell them no thanks. Then I looked up and asked: shingapi/how much? Knowing that as soon as I posed this question, I would be involved;  I had as good as bought the items already! She told me that each pot costs Tsh 2500/US$1.57! 

I grabbed my purse and once outside and after greeting the ladies, I checked the pots. They were perfectly and beautifully made. I wanted two for my enclosed garden at the back; Pendo had indicated that she needed a vessel for water at her home, so I bought all three. Then Pendo and the two vendors posed for a photo. 

When I asked them if they had any more, they said they'd be back on the 15th of November with others. Of course, you can imagine how, when I showed Amanda, Tilla and Rob (all my avid-gardener friends) photos of these pots, they said they also wanted pots when the ladies came past again. 

For now, take a look at the pots: the quality and the size.  I think you'll agree with me that next time I will offer the sellers a higher price for these goods.
Pendo, left with the two ladies who sold me the clay pots this week

I hope you're all having a great day.


  1. I'd take them all at that price too. Those are gorgeous.

  2. Those pots are absolutely beautifully crafted, and certainly worth much more than the priced being asked.

  3. Wow Jo, pretty pots and a great price. I am sure you are helping the ladies out by purchasing the pots too. A great deal all around. Have a lovely day!

  4. Beautiful ! and what a bargain !!

  5. They're beautiful pots, Jo, and the price is wonderful. Unfortunately, they won't mail well, so they won't do as Christmas gifts for your family in South Africa.
    Luv, K

  6. Wow, Jo, those are beautiful and sturdy-looking pots. What a great deal you got! I'd say that they are definitely worth more than $1.57!


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