Thursday, November 15, 2012

Birds near Mwadui

On Sunday afternoon, after a whole day of sitting in a rapidly darkening house, due to power outage, Grant and I decided to  go for a ride through the mine. The weather clouds had been gathering since noon and at first we saw no sign of life especially in the bird world! As a last attempt to spot something, we turned off to a small dam and stopped to see if anything was about. Sure enough, there were two small waterbirds braving the elements and foraging for a last meal before bedtime! 

With the visual conditions worsening, I struggled to focus on  any one of the birds although I could see them with with my bare eye. The wind was whipping against my camera which I rested on the open window frame while the rain splattered into the car ! Finally the first bird came into view on my screen and I clicked. I took several photos, but they weren't too clear. However, I was thrilled to photograph my first Common Sandpiper (which I'd seen and snapped many times in Kenya) here in Tanzania!

Common Sandpiper

A few more photos of this busy little bird and I shifted my focus to the bird on the bank. I'd seen and photographed this bird many times in Kenya too, but, on Sunday, while sitting in the freezing car, with our bird book at home, I couldn't immediately identify it. Once we'd got home and when the power came on again that night, I immediately downloaded my photos and began to search for the second ID in my bird book. A Three-banded Plover, no less!
Three-banded Plover

Fortunately somewhere in my frantically, freezing, photographing session, I managed to capture both birds together!
Common Sandpiper center front with the Three-banded Plover throwing a double reflection in the water 

I hope you're all having a wonderful week. 


  1. Good for you! A productive birding session. Hope you are having a great week.

  2. Great sighting and captures, even under the lousy weather conditions.

  3. Hi Jo, congrats on your sightings. Both the Sandpiper and the plover are beautiful birds. Thanks for sharing these birds, have a great day!

  4. I have never seen such a bird !
    Considered the shooting conditions the pictures are good !

  5. You are very persistent in finding out the names of the birds you photograph! We have sandpipers on the beaches of California, too. I like the coloration of the Three-banded Plover. Great captures.

  6. A difficult day for photography and blogging by the sounds. You did well in the rain and with no power. We have sand pipers in WA and plovers here but they look a bit different.

  7. that first sandpiper looks rather depressed does he not?


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