Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pottery in Mwadui

Tonight my friend, Amanda and her husband, Andre go out on their three-week break. On Thursday, Tilla and her husband go out on their three-week break. So that leaves me as the only expat lady here in town. The Pottery Studio will be closed while these two ladies are gone, Fortunately, Nsia (my Tanzanian friend) lives here so she and I will get together at my home on Saturdays to finish painting items. These will be baked once Tilla and Amanda are back on camp in December.

Recently I unearthed a wildlife booklet in my desk drawer, with beautifully colored drawings of bats, bees, butterflies, birds and plants. I intend to draw quite a number of these onto the various items I have to paint.
Some of the designs I intend to paint onto my pottery items 

I sincerely hope that Nsia and I (she is less of a novice at pottery than I am, only because she's being doing it for a few weeks more) cope with our tasks while "teacher Amanda" is away! I'll be posting about it later so watch this space! 

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  1. Neat wildlife book, Jo... I'll bet you can find some great designs in that booklet.... Have fun!!!


  2. Those are very pretty illustrations in your book. I think they will look wonderful on your pottery.

  3. Nice examples to follow. Then you'll be gone when they get back I suppose and we'll have to wait until January to see your creations.

  4. Wow, potting AND painting. I can't do either one. Much too shaky for painting, and no talent. LOL
    Sounds like you're having a good time, Jo.

  5. You know what you can do while the yare away, excerise with plasticine, make little figurines etc. That's what I did on holidays. Can imagine that you will miss your class. There is also clay which dries without the oven and that's nice too. Maybe you can find it when you are going shopping next time.

  6. Will look forward to your upcoming posts!


  7. Jo, there are lovely pictures in the book for you to draw. I will look forward to seeing some of your finished pieces. Have a great day!

  8. Hi Jo! While Frances keeps up with the election on TV I decided to open up blog-world. Glad I did and found you busy promoting and managing things in Mwadui with grace and skill. Maybe we can get you to come over and share some of your knowledge with whoever is elected president tonight? ☺ You are one multi-talented lady. Right, Grant?

  9. Fun! Those are beautiful illustrations for you to copy onto your pots. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished products.


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