Saturday, February 14, 2015

Last Saturday Critters in Mwadui

I was standing in my Mwadui garden when I saw the Nando  jump up against the reed fence, yapping excitedly. I walked towards to him and saw a chameleon making its way hastily up the fence. I had my camera around my neck and snapped away as the pretty critter moved up and out of harm's way. 
It climbed up onto the reeds and moved along stealthily
With pups milling around far below the chameleon quickly clambered up and away from danger.  By now I was in the street outside the property taking these photos 
Michael had arrived with a thick stick and we coaxed the chameleon off the fence and onto this
Finally we eased the chameleon onto a shrub across the road from our front gate

I'm linking to Eileen's Saturday Critters which you can visit 

Although I'm back in South Africa, I still have several bird and critter posts from Mwadui and will continue to post about them for a while. You can imagine how I'm also missing this part of our life in Tanzania! 

Grant Googled this chameleon and told me what he'd discovered but I was busy with travel arrangements at the time and can't remember! 

The Swahili name for a chameleon is kinyonga and if you click on the Google link above you'll see the scientific name for several species is very similar. 

Thanks for all the wonderful birthday wishes here and on Facebook. My party here at home yesterday was very special - I'll post about this shortly.

Happy Saturday to you all!


  1. I feel between the lines that you are still "homesick" ! What a cute little critter, looks like a mini crocodile !

  2. Love the third shot when it is hanging on to the barbed wire. Happy St Valentine's Day and have a lovely weekend.

  3. Oh wow, I love that kinyonga and the new name for it.. he is a beauty... and the most colorful i have seen. thanks to Nando for pointing it out. Jake points them out to us and also eats them if we don't intervene.. Happy belated birthday

  4. I like the one where he is holding on to the barbed wire. Neat.

  5. Hello Jo, the chameleon is cool. Congrats to Nando for the sighting too. Great shots..Thank you for linking up and sharing your post.. Have a happy Valentine's weekend!

  6. Chameleons are just the coolest creatures.


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