Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Saying Goodbye Finally

Hi everyone. Although I can't say I'm rushing around, I seem to have gotten out of my routine of blogging. I'm still coming down to earth after leaving our precious friends, the staff and the pups in Mwadui. And... getting Ginger, Shadow and Ambrose acclimatized to a new home and environment. They've all three been out on the patio today (more about this later) 

Our penultimate evening in Mwadui, we were invited to Marita's birthday held in their garden. Grant and I had just arrived home from Mwanza; I'd completed my safari across Tanzania to get the cats to Dar. (more about that shortly too, promise!)  So in the photos I look rather haggard! 

Tilla and I
Marita with the birthday cake Tilla baked and Tilla in the forefront cutting the milk tart (also baked by Tilla!)

On Friday, Grant had handed over his computer, office and keys to the new man (whom we know - that's mining - everybody knows everybody) and came home. We took the last cat toys over to Debbie and Phillip's home on camp. Then we went on our last birding trip in the Mwadui bush. 

That night we were invited to the club for our final farewell from the diamond mine client. 

Fynus and Koos were in charge of the meal: delicious home built pizzas (to the right of Fynus is a traditional pizza oven from which we've enjoyed many pizzas over the years in Mwadui)
Koos rolled the bases, you built your own pizza and Fynus baked them in the oven

This photo doesn't do credit to the delicious pizza we had that night
Of course, we ladies chatted up a storm and wanted last photos. From left: moi, Marita and Tilla

After we'd all enjoyed the pizzas and before the trifle which Tilla made because it's Grant's favorite, Arlen made a beautiful speech and wished me and Grant well in the future.
Debbie (taking the photos) became very tearful and ended up with this shaky photo 
Grant replied saying that he worked well with the client and that he and I were accepted into the community and would miss them all. When he thanked his team for their support over the past three years and welcomed his successor, Louise to Mwadui, Debbie broke down completely! 
Debbie showed off her multitasking skills by taking this photo with my camera in one hand and her Smartphone in the other! 
All the expats from the diamond mine wrote messages to us on a large white sheet. We're framing this precious gift and hanging it up here at home
We all enjoyed this delicious trifle
The four oldies on camp: Grant and me; Wessel and Tilla

We eventually said the final goodbyes and went home for the last time. I still packed the last items into our two suitcases, we set the alarm and spent our last night in Mwadui.

The end of the most wonderful three years we've ever spent in Africa. 

Happy Wednesday to you all!


  1. "Leaving is such sweet sorrow." I am sorry you have to leave---but obviously, the company wanted to make a change... BUT--the good news for you is that you have a beautiful home to go home to... Glad the kitties made it 'home'...


  2. you made some wonderful friends, there. many of whom you shared with us, too. i hope the new manager will be good to the employees at the mine and home, too. we will all miss them.

  3. I can imagine a lot of tears flowing at this sad departure.

  4. Hi JO, I am sorry you had to leave your friends.. I am sure you will miss them as much as they will miss you & Grant.. Looks like a very nice farewell party.. I hope and wish you will have happy times ahead...

  5. i am sure it will take a while to adjust and you will be missing all these wonderful friends that loved and love you and vice versa. that pizza looks wonderful and so does the trifle. waiting to hear the cat story and hoping things shape up good for you soon with a new job. maybe an even more exciting place than this one. i miss the pups as much as you do i think... and Michael.

  6. Sadness in endings but soon there will be new beginnings. xx

  7. Will you be staying at home now? Moving back must not have been easy and I look forward to reading more.

  8. I know these are wonderful photographs and memories although they make me so sad as I know you were so disappointed to leave TZ and all your friends.


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