Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Two birthdays in three days

As mentioned before the weekend, I had my birthday on Friday 13th February. Thanks to everyone for their kind wishes and prayers. I had my Marquard friends to tea in the afternoon and it was great to catch up with local news again.
The spread for my birthday
Rina baked a chocolate cake and milk tart

After Rina had iced the huge cake with chocolate frosting, I added Route 62 to the decoration. Route 62 meanders between Cape Town, Oudtshoorn, the Garden Route and Port Elizabeth and offers the scenic alternative to the National N2 Bikers love this route as it has beautiful twists and turns on many mountain passes. The traffic official don't patrol this route which is a great plus! Grant and I always travel along Route 62 on the bike, hence the wording on my cake! 
Rina, the master baker in our house and moi on my birthday
Me and my beautiful Marquard friends!

Monday was Grant's birthday. He turned 64 and I played Paul McCartney's "When I'm 64" when I served him coffee in bed. 

A businessman in town, Phillip Strydom shares Grant's birthday. No matter where in Africa Grant finds himself, he phoned Phillip to wish him. This year we're in town, so I invited Phillip and his wife, Hester over for tea at 3pm. We also fetched Grant's 85yo mother and our dear friend, Pienkie from the retirement center. 

Grant's birthday tea. In the background, you can just see Grant's mum, Pam chatting to Hester 
From left: Rina, Grant, Phillip, Hester, MIL Pam and Pienkie
 Grant and Phillip cut the cake together

Phillip and Hester were instrumental in starting the beautiful, upmarket retirement center where Grant's mum, Pam now resides. Pam is still in her rented flat but at the beginning of March we'll move her into the unit we've had built for her. She and Pienkie will be neighbors. 

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  1. Hello Jo, the birthday parties look like a lot of fun with good friends and your MIL. I am glad you had some happy celebrations. Have a great day and week ahead!

  2. Looks like you have many wonderful friends to help you both celebrate!

  3. It looks like everyone wore various shades of blue for Grant's birthday...

  4. Hey we share a birthday! (the day, not the year) Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a fantastic one.

  5. Sorry I missed your Birthday Jo!!! Hope it was a fun one!

  6. Well it looks like everyone have a great time. Smiles all round and lots of lovely cake. I would love to do the garden route. Some of my nursing friends have done it and I am envious as I have always wanted to do it.

  7. Happy Birthday to one and all the celebrants:-)

  8. Good food and good friends - can't beat them for a birthday celebration. Happy Birthdays to you and Grant!

  9. Wonderful joy! Happy Birthday to you and your Mister.
    Take 25 to Hollister

  10. Wow, celebations are always fun! And for you a happy belated birthday -undoubtedly you enjoyed it:

  11. What a wonderful birthday Jo!!!
    Unforgettable days are those we spent together with friends and loved ones!
    By the way, that chocolate cake looks delicious!!!

    Hugs and take care!

    Bia <°))))<

  12. What nice birthday parties, your birthdays are so close together ! You look great !


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