Sunday, February 8, 2015

Hedges Kitties Update!

Hi Bozo, Lindy and all Mum's blog readers. This is Ambrose and I'm in another F A R place! Dad Ginger and Unca Shadow are also here with me. Before Mum tells you of our exciting and scary trip to this F A R place, I've found photos of us kitties while still happily living in Mwadui.
Dad Ginger sitting on our yoomen dad's suitcase before we went on a L O N G journey
Unca Shadow resting on our chairs in our house in Mwadui
This is me, Ambrose having a last look for birds outside the back door

Until Mum tells you about our scary exciting trip, we wish you all a pawsome day!

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  1. it must have been tough for you 3!

  2. Great post. It must be scary for the kitties to go to a F A R place.

  3. Oh well I am sure you are safe now adn getting over any scares you had.

  4. Sounds exciting, I hope all three kitties had safe travels..Have a great day!

  5. love that last shot and so glad you made it to your new home ok.. waiting to hear that story

  6. I hope they settled in nicely in their new home !

  7. I leave you alone for a while only to come back to you moving!!Hahaa
    BE SAFE!!!

  8. Best wishes in settling into your new home!!!


  9. Clearly Ambrose wants to go outside. Sure he can't wait


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