Friday, September 4, 2009

Sandstorm over Khartoum

On Tuesday afternoon I walked onto the balcony and noticed that the sky was overcast. This type of weather normally precedes rain, but the air felt dry. I took a few photos and came inside.
I inserted the photo above which my husband took from the roof earlier this year. The trees (same ones in my photo at top) were also windswept in this week's storm, but I couldn't go upstairs to photograph them for fear of being blown off the roof!

While speaking to my husband on the phone that evening, I glanced out of my home office door. There was an eerie red glow in the sky. After saying goodbye to him, I grabbed my camera and dashed out onto the balcony. Instead of a calm sunset awaiting me, I was blasted backwards by a wave of dust. I managed to take two photos and ran back indoors, shutting and bolting the door behind me.

Even though my husband had sent me photos of this incredible phenomenon which occurs regularly in Khartoum, and I'd read up about it on the Internet, I was not prepared for the fury and strength of the storm.

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  1. Must have been some strong wind. You got some neat captures & almost looks like a sunset. Thanks for your nice words on my blog. My sister snapped this picture of my husband & I on our vacation to the coast in June. Smiles to you. Barbara

  2. Oh my goodness Jo, I hope you will be okay. That seems really scary to me!

  3. Oh Jo... I've read about Dust Storms---but have never seen the 'up close and personal' pictures like you shared.... Yipes---kinda scary!!!

    Have a great weekend. When does hubby get back?

  4. OMG Jo, that is a terrifying sky. You were brave to go out on even the balcony. Glad you stayed off the roof. Hope your honey comes home soon.

  5. Some scary moments and yet you braved to get beautiful snaps.

    Have a good SWF weekend.

  6. Wow...Great photos for a SWF!Really interesting to see!Thank you for sharing!Have a nice weekend!

  7. I don't think I would like to be in a sandstorm! But it does give the opportunity for amazing sky shots! Loved these and thank you so much for being brave enough to take them!

  8. Certainly beautiful but in a very deadly way! Quite scary!

  9. So brave of you. These are fantastic.
    Regards and have a happy weekend.

  10. Wow what a menacing but colourful sight. Does it get inside the house?

  11. interesting but a little scary with the strong gust of winds. happy weekend!

  12. Yes, Barbara;) it was very strong and the colour was spectacular. Thanks for visiting.

    Hi Sunny,it is quite wild and violent looking but this one was over in a short time.

    Hi Betsy;) This was very up close and personal. My husband arrived home at 8.30 on Thursday night. Yippee!

    Hi Gaelyn, I think if I'd known how rough the wind/sandstorm was, I'd not have gone out. But being a blogger, this was too good to miss. Thanks my dh is home safe and sound!

    Hi Kanibag311;) welcome to my blog. Yes, I'm glad I managed to snap this.

    Hi Gemma;) thanks, it was quite an experience...

    Thanks Brenda;) it can be quite scary, I think!

    Hi Steffi:) welcome to my blog. I'll pop over and visit yours shortly.

    diane:) this time I was quick and came indoors and taped up all the cracks. It does still syphen in. He's come home to find half the Sahara desert in his house!

    Hi syel;) good to see you again.

    Hi Esther;) strangely enough, that evening it rained very slightly and that was all! You can relate to these duststorms, I know:)

  13. I would of done the same thing! I grab my camera and try to keep it fastened to me in a pouch. These are great shots! Really dramatic! Have a great weekend-

  14. Amazing captures.

    While a dust storm must be a unique experience, I'll be glad we had blue skies here in the Northeast US today!

  15. A beautiful but eerie looking sky....sounds like a violent storm...never saw anything like it...

  16. Hi Kilauea Poetry, welcome to my blog, Yes, I have my camera securely hanging around my neck. This is my small sony. I'd not want to get dust into my Canon. Thanks for visiting.

    Hi PG, thanks and welcome to my blog. I do miss the blue skies of home as well...

    Hi Carol, it was quite hectic! But it was over in a jiffy. thanks for visiting.

  17. That is an eerie reddish glow. Must be kind of scary, having that violent wind and sand blowing outside. At least you didn't have to be out in it!


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