Sunday, January 24, 2016

Kitty update again

Hi Bozo and Mum's blog readers; this is Ambrose with the Kitty update in the Hedges household. Mum has posted lots and lots and lots of photos of the pup, Ambrose and Aunty Eddie so I won't put them here again. When we're sleeping in our large bedroom, (actually it's Mum's bedroom, but we love it there) then Cousin Tipsy is allowed out. He goes into his bedroom early in the morning and I, Ambrose, Dad Ginger and Unca Shadow are allowed out into the garden. 

This way, we never meet up because we don't get along!

Cousin Tipsy sits in the window in the afternoon, looking at the birds in the garden 
Mum photographed his tail which was curled around the burglar bars 
Dad Ginger resting on the trolley under the window in Mum's bedroom. This is our shift to be indoors
I, Ambrose, have take Dad Ginger's chair for the day. Ah this is the good life
Unca Shadow now sleeps in the sheepskin bed surrounded by our toys!
Aunty Chappie likes to relax on the patio at night

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  1. Aunty Chappie loos lovely and relaxed.

  2. All of you kitties are enjoying the good life. Aunt Chappie looks especially happy :-)

  3. Hello, cute kitties. It is a shame you do not get along with Cousin Tipsy. Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  4. Everybody in a lazy Sunday mode!!!


  5. i always leave your kitty post with a big smile on my face. they are so happy and enjoying life. do you sometimes wonder if aunty chappie might have a drinking problem? MOL MOL

  6. Oh LOL, Sandra! I never thought about it. But she looks certainly like a passed-out kitty!

  7. What a great post --showing all of the kitties and their different personalities.... Sounds like a good system --knowing how to move them around in order that there is not a problem between the ones that don't like each other... ha.. (Must be a fulltime job)...

    I have a snow post coming tomorrow... Look for it...



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