Wednesday, January 6, 2016

My yardbirds this week

Hi fellow bloggers. This is a bird post but I cannot post my bird photos. Last night I tried to upload photos of birds on our garden feeder but they just "hang" there, never to upload. I've experienced this before, but once I'd rebooted my laptop, opened up Blogger, I was able to post as normal. 

I also get that old horrid notice above my post - an error occurred while trying to save or publish your post - dismiss.

Any suggestions will be greatly  - please

OK So I rebooted my laptop - again - and opened Blogger again, and now I have images..

Meanwhile, here is my Wednesday Wild Bird post sans 
 avec images!

Ironically, although I love birds and birding (bird watching), I'm not a fan of putting food on a feeder for the birds that visit my garden. When I was at home alone between 2006-2009, I had revamped my garden and created an almost completely indigenous garden. When this was established, the plants, trees and ornamental natural grasses which I'd planted, drew all manner of birds, insects and other wildlife. 

Today, however, with the weather so erratic and terribly hot this summer, I don't seem to have much in the garden at all. We have a severe water shortage - in fact we've been without water these past two days and will be until Friday when the municipal pump is repaired - and my garden frying up at the moment. Even the succulents, aloes and water wise plants are wilted and dying. Sad, but true.

Another reason why I don't like to feed birds in my garden is that the regulars (weavers, sparrows, canaries, bishops and queleas) become so robust on - what I call - fast food that the visiting birds don't have a chance at food or space when they arrive. The warblers, camaropteras, batis, cisticolas, prinias and more visit our garden during the warm season. And if they can't fight the resident fat-cats - er - birds, they fly off and away! 

However, Grant loves bird feeders and has erected two within full view of where we sit on the patio during the day and in the evenings.  I always have my camera close by and click away.

Southern Red Bishops 
There are always several males of this species in our garden - a sure deterrent to any visiting birds...
Southern Red Bishops with Red-billed Quelea 

I'm linking to Wild Bird Wednesday hosted by Stewart Monkton here


  1. I've never had that message when uploading photos. Now that you have the post up, go back and edit it and insert the photos where you want them. It might work now.

  2. Hi Penny, I had already rebooted my laptop, loaded Blogger again and yes, I had the post up. I edited it, and voila! The images uploaded. When I shut-down my computer though, it said it was updating. Perhaps that was the problem. Thanks for commenting and for you suggestion! Jo

  3. Hello sweet JO! I always love the photos of your beautiful birds. Yours and the ones on Elephant's Child blog (she lives in Australia) are always so colorful and different from the birds I see here in my part of the US. I wanted to let you know, too, that I replied to your comment on my blog about Colorforms. You can click on a link and see an old TV ad for the exact one that I had!

  4. It could be slow internet connection too. You can drag photos into blogger now. Your bright red bird is very pretty.

  5. What colorful birds, ours are rather grey !

  6. What photo processing system are you using? I use Picasa 3 and have no problems, although their uploading direct to Blogger doesn't work. I 'save as' (photo No) to 'pictures', the download from 'pictures' to my draft on blogger.

  7. Lovely captures of beautiful birds!!

  8. Hello, Jo! I wish I had more plants to attract the birds. But, in the winter there is nothing except for my feeders. I love your gorgeous Red Bishops. I am glad blogger is working for you now! Enjoy your day and the week ahead!

  9. What splendid birds they are, and so aptly named.

  10. love those bright colors on the birds.. we don't have feeders because Jake would kill the birds.. he doesn't allow wild life in the back yard. also they poop on the pool deck.
    when my blogger gives me that error i close the post and then reopen. if that doesn't work i close out of the browser and open again.. same thing when the pics will not upload. i had the same issues the past few days. blogger is probably making changes again.

  11. the red bishops are really tough looking birds. :)

  12. forget patience.... I don't have any....but, usually persistence pays off!! Good for you finally posting them. Wow ....what colours...... something I'll never see living where we do.... north of the 49th parallel..... thanks.

  13. Great looking birds on the feeder.

  14. The red bishops are just stunning! Sorry you were having computer issues, but glad they were finally resolved! I would have hated to miss these photos!


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