Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Red-headed Finch

Recently we've had finches in our garden: Red-headed Finches. These delightful and colorful little birds are common residents and near-endemic, usually in flocks and nomadic in non-breeding season. 

They land on our lawn (yes, we have lawn again now - whoopee!) in small flocks and work the area for seeds and insects. 
Here's a close-up of a Red-headed Finch (male) foraging on our lawn (before the rains, you'll notice)
They love our elevated sandstone bird bath and gather there to drink and socialize! Above are several males while the females don't have red heads but are also pretty

Here's a full frontal photo of a male catching forty winks, an intermediate male behind him and a juvenile at the back (slight red tinge on the latter's head)

On another occasion while we were sitting on the patio, I focused on a finch on the garden wall. As I zoomed in, I realized it was another Red-headed Finch - Juvenile
Note the slight trace of red on this bird's head

It flew down onto one bird feeder and I had a field day taking photos of it

I love the scaly pattern on these birds
Red-headed Finch (Juvenile)

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  1. Jo I have never seen this Finch. it is very pretty. I was wondering what the difference was between the female adn juvenile as both have no red head?

  2. Hello, Jo! Your Red-headed finches are so pretty. I like the male. Wonderful yard birds and hooray for the lawn!
    Great shots, enjoy your day!

  3. They look like they are wearing red crash helmets. Love the scaly pattern.

  4. Hi Jo, I have been following your posts but I do admit to not commenting (I must change my ways!) With three blogs now I am inclined to get a bit left behind. Most of my bird photos are on photodiarydps. I keep in touch with Lynda on FB which is good. I am so happy she seems to be enjoying life once more. Take care, I will be back :) Diane

  5. These are amazing. So pretty in the 'scaly' garb.

  6. What a neat looking bird! Love his regal nose!

  7. I love the way they look in the second photo, white with pretty red painted heads.

  8. Beautiful little birds and one that I've never seen before!! Glad you've finally gotten some rain -- wish I could have sent you some of ours!!! Almost daily for two months now!! But since we had a very dry summer, the rain has been welcome!!! It is good to see green again!! Hope your week is going well!

  9. Hi, The only finch we have here that resembles yours is a HOUSE FINCH. The male has a red-head.... Great group of pictures...

    Right now, we have TONS of finches around, named Pine Siskins...


  10. They are beautiful finches! So different from what I'm used to seeing.


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