Wednesday, January 13, 2016

My garden birds this week

Before the divine rainstorm on Monday afternoon, human, bird and other critters sweltered in the heat. A few days ago I suggested we remove the succulents Rina had planted in a round sandstone bath which I'd used years ago in my large garden. 

It only took the birds a few hours to discover this refreshing pool of water. I kept my camera handy and snapped away from a vantage point on the patio. 
Fiscal Flycatcher enjoying a drink at the newly-opened Hedges bird bath! 

Cape Robin-chat perching on the edge of the sandstone bird bath in our back garden

Karoo Thrush (Adult) is a regular visitor to the sandstone bird bath - Grant calls this critter "Batman" since we think it was this specific bird which killed the bat we were trying to save!

Below is a series of photos of a Juvenile Karoo Thrush: 

 Karoo Thrush (Juvenile) hasn't discovered the higher bird bath yet. But it enjoyed a pool of water and some berries (from the white-stinkwood trees) on the slab of concrete 

Some readers may have seen my short and sweet post called "tester" Angus has been trying to help me with Blogger (an alien area to him) by getting my service provider company to adjust/increase something with regards to the Internet. It's helping a little; although uploading images from Picasa  are a working now, I still get the message "An error occurred when trying to save or publish your post. Please try again. Dismiss." 

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  1. nice birdbath visitors. that flycatcher is a beauty!

  2. The Flycatcher is very pretty.

  3. Such beautiful birds and fantastic captures as always, Jo!! It's always a delight to visit your website!! Thank you so much for sharing!! I hope you're enjoying a great week and a wonderful beginning to the new year!! Thank you for sharing!!

  4. No chance of any bird going thirsty here, we've had intermittent rain for about a week. However, I am about to increase their winter food rations, as we have a cold period about to arrive any moment.

  5. Lovely birds, Jo. I'm sure they must appreciated the body of water you provided for them during the dry spell. I always love to see the few species of birds that make it to my bird bath in spring and summer.

    I wouldn't worry too much about the blogger message. I find that blogger often will have "glitches" that have nothing to do with your internet provider or your connection. If you give it awhile, it will probably correct itself. That's my two cents worth anyway!

    I hope you are enjoying the freshness after the heavy rains you had.

  6. The rain must have been glorious. The birds sure are enjoying your birdbath. Great shots. Hope your blogger problems improve even more.

  7. Hello Jo, your flycatcher is a handsome bird. Great series on your Thrush! They are great garden birds! Have a happy day!

  8. what a great way to give the water and to lure them in front of your lens. so sweet and pretty

  9. All it takes is water to draw them in. Thank goodness you got rain.


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