Monday, April 4, 2016

Pre-dawn walks with the dogs

Now it's autumn in the Southern Hemisphere with the days becoming shorter and the sun rising later, the dogs and I often walk in  the dark ! They don't care; and of course, I don't mind at all either! 
Thistle and some sort of morning glory woven into it, is flowering along the road to the golf course

The hazy dawn 

I have to adjust my camera functions to compensate for the low light conditions 
The concrete post smells interesting to Skabenga

Crazy dogs!
Skabenga stays near his mama, but keeps an eye on Eddy!

Nothing fazes these dogs! 
Walking home, it's still dark enough for the sensor's in the old car to activate the headlights



  1. i love that old car and how cool that is to have the motion sensor lights. wow. we both like to walk in the dark and prefer it over daytime walking.. the pups look so happy

  2. Hello Jo, pretty flowers. Skabenga and Eddy are having fun on the walk. That is cool that the lights on the old car are still working. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  3. my friend who walks her dog two times a day tells me it is the best exercise I can do.

  4. And I'm liking the longer days of light. Love the old car.


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