Saturday, April 30, 2016

Squirmy, hairy and cute critters

This week I have some squidgy and hairy critters; I'll also end my post with the cutest little [human] critter I saw last week. 

I'd been given two mielies (corn on the cob) by a farmer friend. I left these on the kitchen table overnight. Next morning as the sunlight poured in on our kitchen floor, Grant called to me to bring my camera. 
The smallest mielie-worm that I've ever seen
It moved like an inch-worm and threw a long shadow behind it!
If it weren't for the shadow, I'd not have seen the worm
 Out on the patio, I picked up one of the many mulberry leaves that had fallen to the ground

And photographed it!
On Sunday Rina spotted this hairy worm - also on our patio
Using a sheet of paper, I placed it on the table - and photographed it! 
Skabenga, who is terrified of a vehicle had to be lifted bodily into a pickup. I took him to the vet to have "the" operation. He also had a piece of his tail lopped off - it had got damaged in a slammed door when he was a pup 
John, my gardener is amazing with Skabenga. He sat in the back with him all the way to the nearby town of Ladybrand (these above are "before" photos)
Back home the poor boy was in great pain and still suffering from the effects of anesthetic

Not a happy camper
Here he stares at me in despair - mama , I'm in pain and I don't know why! 
The vet had bandaged the tail (after stitching the wound) but Skabenga tried to bite it off. John and I bound it with tape - which Skabenga chewed off during the night. His tail is now open and doing well!

Then finally, my piece d'resistance! At the clinic last week, a mother arrived: a baby on her back. In her wake came her little girl, her baby on her back! 
I carry my baby (teddy) on my back 
The pretty young mum posed with her toddler 

I'm linking to Eileen's Saturday Critters here


  1. The little girl and her baby on the back is so cute so too her mum. Poor Skabenga, he looks like he is saying, "How could you do this to me?"

  2. Hello, Jo! I love your worm and shadow. That is a great capture. The hairy caterpillar is cool too! Poor Skabenga, I hope he recovers quickly from his operation. Thank you for your critter post, I linked you up. Have a happy weekend!

  3. Hi the long shadow thrown by the mielie worm! Hope Skabenga feels better soon....poor boy! and that little one with her "baby" tied to her back reminds me of when I was a bubba living in Zambia and my nanny used to do that with my dolls and teddies.

  4. Your poor dog. He does look miserable.Love the mother and child end shot


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