Saturday, April 16, 2016

Late with Saturday Critters!

What's the worst (well, one of the worst) things that can happen? For me, it's my computer not working. This morning I turned on my notebook, signed in and arrived on my home screen. 

And that was that.

I tried everything, although I was nervous to restore settings. Normally I can phone Angus and he will tell me what to do. But he, Amanda and her sister and husband and the children have been taken on a boat trip up the East Coast of South Africa by Amanda's parents. This is a celebration for both their 60th birthdays this month. 

For them that's super; for me it's a disaster to have Angus and Amanda offline (they're out at sea) when I have a computer or Smartphone problem. 

In desperation I phoned the young proprietor of the local supermarket and he told me to bring my laptop down to his office. 

I did; he clicked a few things; set up "restore" and within minutes my computer was up and running. 

Waxing crescent; age 6 days; visibility 33%. Taken 12 April 2016

First quarter; age 7 days; visibility 43%. Taken 13 April 2016

Grant walked with us earlier this week. I managed shadows of us and a real image of Skabenga

This morning the dogs and I were out there alone. Even though winter is fast approaching, I managed photos of a few little wildflowers on the course )the light was very low so images are blurred! 

Back at home, I snapped Rina's late mum's dahlia which is blooming again
My plumbago just a hasn't stopped blooming since the beginning of summer!

The camera can't quite capture the color; this variety of my plumbago is a deep royal blue 

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  1. Lovedd the shadow shot with your dog and of coursee he gorgeous Moon shot. Glad you go the computer sorted. I hope you have a lovely week ahead.

  2. Glad you got the computer working again. Technology can be so frustrating at times! We have plumbago here in south Texas, too. One of my favorites! Have a wonder-filled week!

  3. A nice variety of pretty images. My work laptop is acting up so I know what you mean about PC issues!

  4. tell him thank you from me for restoring you to US.. so glad he could help... beautiful flowers and love the shadow walkers

  5. Nice photos of the flowers and the moon. You're lucky the local store owner was willing and able to help you get back online!

  6. You might get this twice because the first comment disappeared. Love the moon shots and the flowers.

  7. Glad that was a quick fix. Nice to see you still have flowers blooming.


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