Tuesday, October 3, 2017


Eddy, our [female] wired-haired fox-terrier contracted biliary and suffered a stroke and a heart-attack early on Monday morning. At the vet, who immediately injected her for biliary and had her on a glucose drip, Eddy had another seisure and succumbed. 

Eddy would've been 15 years old this coming Sunday, 8th October. 

We will miss dear old Eddy, especially me and Skabenga and especially on our twice-daily walks where Eddy would hurtle into the distance at great speed.


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  1. Oh no - I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. What a sweet boy.

  2. Oh, Jo my heart is hurting for you and for Eddy and for sweet Skabenga..I know how this hurts the heart. even when a beloved pet has lived that long life, it is always so hard. run free over the rainbow bridge Eddy.

  3. Hello Jo, I am so sorry about the loss of sweet Eddy. I am sure both you and Skabenga will miss him. Wonderful collection of Eddy photo. RIP Eddy!

  4. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh


    Hugs and prayers. I know how hard this is. Each takes a piece of our hearts with them...but they had joyful lives with us.

  5. I'm so sorry, Jo. It's always sad to lose a beloved pet, even when they are older. My family had a wire-haired fox terrier when I was a child. That was a fun dog, full of energy.

  6. Oh My... So sorry, Jo.... Old Eddy sounded as if she had a good life though.... BUT--I know you and the other critters will miss her...


  7. I am so sorry. It is never easy and hurts like hell.

  8. Oh this is very sad new jo. You and Skabenga will really miss him on your walks.

  9. So sorry you lost Eddy yet glad for all the years she had and that you still have Skabenga.

  10. I am so sad to hear that dear old Eddy passed away ! At least he had a long and good life with you. You will miss him very much in the first weeks. And Skabenga probably too.

  11. Very sorry to hear of Eddy's demise. This is such a lovely tribute to her life. She no longer suffers. Hugs xx

  12. I tried to comment here and it disappeared. It might show up on its own, but I doubt it, so I'll repeat: I'm so sorry to read about Eddy...I was enjoying your photos of her and was surprised ...I'm sure she'll be in dog-and-cat heaven. I can imagine her with Shadow.
    Sincere condolences for your loss, and much love from here.
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