Sunday, October 15, 2017

Hedges Kitties new abode

Hi Bozo and all Mum's blog readers; this is Ambrose and we're pleased to see you back home, Bozo.

We kitties and Skabenga the dog, are staying in a small  place at the moment. Of course, not one of us is uncomfortable. 

Mum brought all our donuts, bankets, rugs toys and of course our bowls along too.

So we kitties (and the dog) are in clover as always. 

We don't go out yet, but I watch from the top of the fridge as the swallows fly into the passage outside the shack. 
 Aunty Chappie went walkabout when we first arrived, but she came back!  Here, she's the queen of her donut and special rug 
 Unca Shadow only sleeps on Mum's bed  
 Dad Ginger and I, Ambrose asleep together on our donut which is covered with a bedspread and which has a pillow at the back as well  
A basket of toys ...
... and scratching post under the table  
 Aunty Chappy drinks water at her dish under the sink 
Skabenga the dog, sleeps on the floor next to our yoomen dad at night. He's a very good doggie 



  1. They look to have taken the move well - which is high praise for the efforts you took.

  2. What a good family - taking the move in their stride!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  3. Skabenga you are amazing that you get along with your feline siblings so well, one small room with all those kitties, you deserve a big kiss. did you feel it? so glad Aunt Chappie did not get hurt on walkabout.. and soon you will be moving again.

  4. My you kitties and Skabangena live well no matter where you live. I'm so glad you have finished your move and are settling in with mama and papa Hedges.

  5. Hello, I am glad everyone is comfy after the latest move. I am sure it takes a little while for everyone to adjust. Cute kitties and doggie. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and the new week ahead!

  6. Well you guys do look cosy and comfortable!

  7. It looks like you're properly taken care of and spoiled!

  8. Well done crew for settling down in your new little place.

  9. Hi There, Looks like the kitties/dog now have the perfect home. What more could they want ---other than to wander around outside sometimes....

    Hope you are doing fine --and Grant....

    Hugs to you,


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