Thursday, October 12, 2017

Roof Trusses and breaking out

This week the roof trusses, which Grant and Steve made in my lounge, are on the house. The roof beams have been added and tomorrow the roof sheeting will go on. 

The existing outhouse has also been de-roofed; the walls into the new add-one broken out and the original door bricked up. 
 Outhouse with original door opening onto the patio
 The  outdoor  toilet was demolished as well
 The builders removing shelves 
 This wall will have a door opening and will be our bedroom 
 Skabenga has on last look at his and Eddy's erstwhile bedroom ! 

 Grant and Steve collected the roof beams in town and brought them to site 
 Amon, the builder caught a lift to town with Steve and Grant; he went to the bank while the men loaded the materials 
 The roof trusses are on. This view of the add-on cottage shows the big house on the right 

 These images show the added on building with the original outhouse on the patio
 An elevated view of the cottage with the big house' roof peeping out behind it
 Grant has arranged with our friend, Stuart, to hire his Bobcat. The operator will lift the builder's rubble and put in a pile. Through Stuart, Grant found a farmer who needs the rubble to soak up a swamp on his land. He will come in, load it and cart it away

Praise God!

Now I know that the building always goes up in a flash. This has... I think we're at the end of week three of actual bricklaying, plastering and adding door frames. Then apparently things slow down to a snail's pace. 

I don't believe this at all. Even before the builder needs materials, Grant and Steve order it and stand on the hardware shop's tail to deliver as quickly as possible. 

The electrician (a relative of mine!) came today and Grant showed him where we need wall plugs and light switches. He's even marked out a TV plug although we don't own/have never owned a telly. Tomorrow the electrician comes to chase the walls and Amon, the builder will plaster the walls. 

So far, so good. 



  1. I am excited that this is going so quickly, i am thinking you may get in sooner than Dec..., i can feel your excitement and it is really looking great.

  2. Hello Jo, it is exciting to see the building all coming together. The views from there look fabulous too. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  3. Busy times. I am pleased it is going up so fast.

  4. What a lot of work yet to be done.

  5. It really looks like the goals are being achieved and no headaches with problems. It will be done before you know it. :) Excellent documenting photos Jo. It great to have a visual record, it will always bring back the moments.

  6. Looks like it's going very well.

  7. Wow the house grows ! Looks already good this way ! Is the cottage attached to the big house or are they apart ? I don't remember if you will live in both.

  8. Sure looks like it's going up fast. At least much quicker than building here.


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