Monday, October 30, 2017

Pink Bra Walk for Cancer

On Friday 27th October, Winterton held its annual Pink Bra Walk for Cancer . It was a freezing cold and drizzly day (in the middle of our summer) and I wondered whether Grant would still be keen to do the walk we'd discussed earlier. 

I dressed in my Parkrun gear - pink top, pink tee over that, pink track top and black pants. My socks had a pink border and my walking shoes were black. 

I was busy with the animals and when I turned around, Grant had got dressed except for the pink bra. Naturally I had to help him with this. 

Take a look: 
 Grant doing his bit for breast cancer by wearing a pink bra and doing the 5km walk last Friday night
 John Muirhead and Grant share a joke. John was wearing his wife, Ronnie's pink track top 
 Joanine and Ann set up for the charity walk: these two ladies are stalwarts at all events; including the weekly Parkrun 
 This youngster and his dog firm supporters of the breast cancer walk
 Doggies always abound at the Parkrun venue which was where the Pink Bra walk for Cancer took place last week  
 Ann, with pink hair and hat and the supportive youngster (wearing a bra) helping her 
 The men turned out wearing pink headgear, tutus, skirts, bras and shirts 
 Pink is the predominant color in this cheerful (and cold) crowd of walkers 

 Walking along the dam. Note Ant (my Parkrun partner)striding along wearing pink shorts and a blue top 
This gorgeous young couple hail from London. They were on honeymoon in the Drakensberg and attended the walk dressed appropriately for a bridal couple! 
My friend (and hairdresser) Lynette and I walked together. On the last kilometer she took a photo of the tree in the middle of the dam. Unfortunately I caused a photo bomb by almost losing my balance 
Everbody had entered into the spirit of the thing! 
Grant, Craig (a hiking partner) Lynetter, Ant and moi!

Grant won a prize for the effort he made to dress for the occasion. The people loved the kilt, leather waistcoat, the Akubra and of course the pink bra. One lady came up to him and felt his hair and asked if it was real ! 
Grant collecting his prize which is Sunday lunch for two at our favorite hotel, the Nest Hotel 

When I decided to shut up shop early on Friday and enter this event, I was thinking about the people I knew who had been taken by cancer. My maternal grandmother, my own dear mom and my dad all died after suffering with cancer. In my youth, I lost a dear friend to breast cancer. Then I suddenly remembered that I was the lucky one (I'd not given this a thought for 50 years) I had survived cancer as a teenager and lived to tell the tale. At the event after Joanine had welcomed everyone, she said she had a box of cancer survivor tags. You could collect one if you were one. 
I collected mine... 



  1. Great cause. And fortunately more and more people can wear the survivor badge now. It is no longer the death sentence it was.

  2. There are some things that you just can't un-see - and I have just seen some!! Great event for a great cause!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  3. Hello, Jo! This is a great cause and event. I am happy you are a cancer survivor.

    Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week ahead!

  4. i wear my bra on the outside all the time too

  5. All for a very good cause. I have lost so many friends and it is so cruel and painful. Keep well Diane

  6. It looks like it was a lot of fun!

  7. This is very good initiative and show of strength.

  8. Looks like it was well attended and lots of fun all for good cause.

  9. A great cause. Grant looks spiffy. Congrats on being a survivor.


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