Tuesday, March 6, 2018

46 Years

Hello dear blogger friends; this is probably been the most poignant "first" celebration without Grant. Over the weekend I celebrated our 46th wedding anniversary. 

I thought a good way to post about it, was to place links of some of the experiences we shared in our lifetime. 

We lived in one part of South Africa for the first 20 years of marriage.

In 1990 we moved to the diamond mines of Namibia; five years later to the Free State and eventually at the turn of the century, Grant went to work in West Africa. A few months later I followed him. Although I only started blogging about our life in several African countries in 2008, I started recording it on digital camera in 2005! 

For now I have the last five years of our expat life in East Africa. //memorablemeanders.blogspot.co.za/2012/01/kenya-safari-part-ix.html

More recently below...

 Hiking together in the Drakensberg mountains
 Last year's Valentine's dinner 

On Sunday my older brother, Phillip visited me. He didn't remember the date but he knew Grant well and he and I reminisced about the last 50 years which is how long he and i knew Grant!

After I'd closed the shop at midday, he and I came home and had a cup of tea and a sandwich and talked the afternoon away! A most relaxing day...
 My brother Phillip and I 

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  1. Those firsts always hurt. Over time the sweetness of bitter-sweet dominates again. Hugs.

  2. Jo, it is very poignant to have your anniversary happen so soon after Grant's passing. But I'm so glad that you had Phillip there to reminisce with about Grant. I'm sure it made the day much easier for you. Especially when you can relax and be yourself with someone who knows you so well. Hugs dear friend. xx

  3. How wonderful to have all those photos and videos to bring your memories to life again.

  4. Such a nice post.

    Stewart M - Melbourne

  5. Such bitter-sweet memories. Hugs.

  6. Hello Jo, as I am a relatively recent visitor to your blog, I haven't not read many previous posts that tell about the adventures you and Grant shared. However, after reading this one and seeing the photos, it's evident that you enjoyed so many wonderful shared times together. Thanks for taking the time to share on your anniversary.

  7. It's good that your brother came to see you.

  8. I went to the wedding photos and they are so beautiful. my heart aches for you in your loss. so glad your brother was able to visit at just the right time. prayers and love coming your way

  9. Great memories but it must have been a difficult day for you. Take care Diane

  10. And I remember all the places you have lived with him !

  11. I've so enjoyed following Grant and your adventures. 46 years is a long time. I hope you'll continue to celebrate them.


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