Saturday, March 10, 2018

Arachno-critter and our kitty

Last night I photographed a spider high up on my bedroom wall. I used my camera so that I could zoom in and then I used my Smartphone to capture this critter. With these photos, I posted inquired on a local CHAT group if anyone could identify this creepy-crawly.

This morning I opened my messages and saw that one person said it was a Brown Recluse spider, a type of Violin spider which is rather poisonous. I checked where I'\d seen the spider and it had disappeared. 

When I got to Parkrun, several people called me and said to  be very careful as if I was bitten by this spider, I would need to seek medical help. I said that when I got home this evening and the spider was visible again, I'd catch it using a glass and then release it out in my garden. 

At the shop, once I'd opened up I checked my phone and there was a most welcome message from a spider expert. He said it was a Hunter Spider and harmless. He added that it was a male hence the little knobto the right of its head.
 Hunter spider on my bedroom wall last night

 ...thank goodness, because I don't kill spiders 

This morning on the veranda, a lady arrived with her Maltese x Jack Russel and showed him to Missy Miscot. 

It was not a good idea! 
 Mum, what's that panting critter?

 Our kitty puffed up and hissed at the dog who ran back to his mum
 after this incident Missy wanted to stay indoors
She sat on my shop windowsill glaring out onto the veranda in case the dog made its reappearance 

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  1. Hello, Jo! I am glad the spider turned out to be harmless. I have heard of people bitten by the recluse spider, they went thru an ordeal trying to get the sore to heal. The doggie is a cutie and I love your kitten! Thank you so much for linking up your post. Thanks also for the comment and visit. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  2. cats disliking dogs is more common than them liking dogs.. hope your little kittie is not tramatized. LOL... we have these hunter spiders in our house, and we call them jumpers because they can. i knew it was not a recluse and they are really dangerous... we have them here but i have never seen one. the recluse doesn't get that big. bob has killed 3 of them, i do not allow spiders to live in my space, and i killed one this past week, but not one of these. in fact my post today is about the spider

  3. Oh so glad the spider was not a brown recluse ~ Your kitty is so adorable and wonderful photos!

    Happy Weekend to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  4. I escort spiders outside too. Clever critters but my partner is a decided arachnophobe.

  5. The kitty I will take... the spider... don't think so. You got good pictures of that crawly thing though, didn't you?

  6. Poor Missy! I hope she is fine now. I remember my lovely cat getting all puffed up from time to time when she was in defense mode against other animals. It frightened me too! LOL.

    I'm glad the spider turned out to be harmless. There seem to be a lot of people who are afraid of spiders whether they are harmless or not. I'm not afraid of spiders but I know how lethal some of them can be and I wouldn't have a clue which ones are dangerous when I'm travelling though I do try to read up a bit on such things.

  7. Beautiful cat! Since you don't kill spiders, why not put a cup over them, slide a paper under them and then take them outside? No sense in running any risks.

  8. I don't like to kill spiders but also don't like them as roommates. Glad you found out it was harmless. I've been bit by something that left marks.


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