Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Modern friendships

Although this is on Wordless Wednesday, I need to add my two bob's worth here. 

I open and set up my shop, which is almost in the middle of the complex building,  every morning. I have a display on the veranda and while I'm arranging the paintings and other artifacts, several  young people pass me on the veranda. 

Young, attractive and intelligent men and women who work in the various outlets further along the shopping center. They all approach heads down, dead silent and reading things on their phones. I know not what. But there is no interaction between the people in any given group and no talking. They look up briefly to greet me and then it's heads down focused on the little screen flickering in their hand. 

This morning I noticed a whole group of young people who had stopped and were reading their messages or watching videos. Who knows? I took the photos but unfortunately the cashier from the supermarket saw me, smiled and alerted the others to0 what I was doing ! I asked them what they were watching on their phones, which got them giggling. So I still know not what. 

 In the seventies when I was young , girls would walk to work, head held high and a spring in their step. If they had to walk past a vehicle workshops and the young lads under the cars whistled, they flicked their heads up ignoring them but their bottoms would also automatically give a little waggle! 

How times have changed...

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  1. That's the shortest post I ever read, hahahahaha !

  2. Those changes are often not an improvement...

  3. It is a definite change in society Jo and I feel not for the better. Why people cannot put their phones away when out with their friends is beyond me. When I was working and a colleagues answered phones or texted during out luncheon dates (which were infrequent) I would ask them if it was really necessary to use the phone while we were "visiting".

    When I took my "tour" on Saturday night which I posted about, almost everyone I came across waiting in groups, was on his/her phone. Yet they were together! What they were doing on those phones I have no idea but if you are out with your friends, one would think you would want to interact with your friends.

  4. this proves it is the world over, the new world that is. same thing here, in resturants, walking, in cars, sitting in offices waiting... everyone with head down. i love to talk and now days can't find anyone not poking their phones. except for me. i do take my ereader to read while everyone else pokes the phone

  5. It's the same all over the world.

  6. It is a sign of the times and its hard for us oldies to understand.

  7. Hello, it is the same here too Jo! The young people today love their phones, it is like part of them. I am not happy to say I see my son looking at his phone when we go out for dinner together. It is like an addiction. I hope you are enjoying your day and have a happy weekend ahead.

  8. The world passes them by, it's sad. That's my take on it and I see it every day.

  9. Hi Jo - Just to say how I LOVE your new header photo.


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