Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Kenya, point of my heart...

Three days ago I clicked my Kindle onto the screensaver as I usually do when I'm finished reading.  The next time I picked it up, opened the cover, I noticed that Emily Dickinson's daguerreotype was a lot fuzzier than normal. I slid the open switch to "on";  it shone green but nothing happened. 

Ergh.   I don't have many traditional books in my house.  

I felt lost. 


The next day Caroline arrived at my shop with a bag of bones which she collects for Skabenga and the shop kitty. And a book which she'd been telling me about! Actually, she'd waxed lyrical about it and said she'd bring it down to the shop.

I told her it was most fortuitous that she brought it at this time, as I had nothing to read. And that was a disaster! LOL! 
 A love story about elephants and other wildlife in Kenya 
as told by Daphne Sheldrick 

My blogger friends who've known me for the past eight years, may remember that Grant and I spent one of the best years of our lives on a remote mine site in the Great Rift Valley in Kenya. I met blogger friend, Penny (Snap That) in Nakuru, Kenya a few miles across the Equator. And what a blessed meeting that was. Penny and I were reminiscing via e-mail earlier this week, how we've remained online friends for all these years. I firmly believe that one day I'll be able to go back to East Africa and visit the two countries, Kenya and Tanzania, where we spent several happy years.   Penny may be visiting there the same time; in fact I'll make sure I go over when she is there! Imagine that!    

At home I started on the book, struggling quite a bit in the beginning because the print seems small and quite dull, being on paper and not on a screen as I'm used to reading. But I soon got into the book and wow, am I enjoying it! There are so many places which the author mentions that are familiar to me. I feel quite sad that I can't say to Grant, "Listen to this" and read an excerpt to him, with us both saying: "Oh wow, We used to pass through the village of Gilgil or Narok on the way out of the Valley." Or "And here's a bit about Lake Naivasha  where we photographed huge flocks of flamingos." You can imagine this book is full of nostalgia for me...

Ironically, as I turned on the radio this morning, what did I hear on the news, but that Sudan, the last Northern white rhino male has died in Kenya .  See here

Today is also Human Rights Day in South Africa.  I pray that South Africa will finally be healed of the past atrocities of the previous regime against humanity. 

And that justice, freedom, equality and unity will prevail.




  1. oh no on kindle, did you know you can read your kindle books on your computer, your desk top your laptop or phone. any device that is wireless.

  2. Yes, Sudan's death made the news here as well.

    And so many people will just shrug and say, "what can you do?"

  3. No books? I would be in withdrawal.
    Sudan's death made the news here too. As so many human deaths and human rights abuses don't. A step in the right direction to hear about some of it at least.

  4. No such thing as coincidence. Happy Human Rights Day.

  5. Nigel is on his third kindle but they did return the cost of the second one! I am on my second one, I sat on the first one!!! Hard to buy English books in France so the kindle is a real essential. Take care Diane

  6. Hello, I have the kindle app on my ipad. I would really miss having my books. I have heard of the Sheldrick foundation, looks like a great book. It was sad news about the Sudan the rhino. I think it is awesome you will be meeting up with Penny, sounds great a great visit to Kenya coming up. Enjoy your day!

  7. I remember those times in Kenya I just read my blog from the beginning ! There are so many things I didn't remember or I regret that I didn't go more into details !!


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