Friday, June 5, 2009

Sunrise over Fouriesburg Dam

I took this series of photos in April 2007 while on a photographic workshop in the Eatern Free State Highlands. It was my first attempt with my Canon

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  1. Wow! As if taken from a fairytale!

  2. Hi Jo. Your first attempt were fantastic!

  3. Thanks for your kind comments, Esther. It was so freezing cold that morning, I can still FEEL my numb fingers. But the discomfort was worth it. (((Hugs)))

    Regina, thanks for your kind comment. I am unable to link this post to SkyWatch and will trya again tomorrow. Bless you.

  4. Beautiful shots - nice composition. You asked how many cats I have --check out my Cats of Wildcat Woods blog to find out :)


  5. Thanks for your kind comment, Cheri. I checked on your blog; now I know...

  6. Oh, these photos are so mystical...I love them! Thank you for stopping by to visit me..I will be back for more of your lovely blog :D

  7. oh! this looks so surreal! and i can't believe this is just your first attempt! these are stunning! i love them!

  8. These photos are so mystical! Utterly beautiful dreamscapes!

  9. Your first attempt was incredible !!!

    Beautiful series of shots of the sunrise.. great composition...

  10. Hi girlichef;) welcome and thanks for your kind comment.

    Hi syel;) yes, as I mentioned earlier, it was a freezing cold morning (by South African standards, LOL!) and I remember how numb my fingers were trying to work the camera which was on a tripod. Thanks for popping in.

    Hi Greyscale Terriory;) Thanks, it is rather a dreamy picture...

    Hi Karen;) Welcome to my blog and thanks for the kind comment.

  11. So ethereal. Peaceful. Quiet perhaps?

    Nicely done.

  12. Hello Jo, first of all I would like to compliment you with the beautiful pictures you contributed. And I have a question for you, that has nothing to do with SWF. Can you please tell me what the word 'moremis' in African means? I have read a wonderful poem and I cannot translate this word. Can you help me? This is the poem from Mr. T.T. Cloete:

    God die digter

    daar is meer poësie in die sneeuvlokkie
    as in die letterkunde en baie meer poësie
    in die miskruier in die toktokkie
    in die meteorologie en entomologie
    in die moremis en in die bergpiek
    die horison wat in die hemel wegraak
    in die rooswolk is daar baie meer liriek
    die aarde is deur 'n digter gemaak

    Wieneke (the Netherlands)


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