Friday, June 12, 2009

Housekeeping Needed for Winter

My garden today
Pudding relaxes next to the heater in my office
Clarice and Chip snuggle up to the oil heater in the pool room/entertainment area

It’s winter here in South Africa and I decided it’s time to change my header and profile photos. The weather has turned bitterly cold (by South African standards, LOL!); at the moment we're experiencing a cold front which has brought rainy, grey conditions. My garden is still looking neat and although some of the trees and shrubs are green, overall it is slowly turning brown and bare. By September I won't believe that anything ever looked lush, never mind, grew here. Thank goodness I have thousands -yes, literally thousands - of photographs of my garden last summer. When the weather in mid-winter gets me down, I'll look at the photos and remember...

Last week I went outdoors (brr) armed with my camera and took a few bleary-looking, wintry, photos!

Tigger and Manduline discovered that I had turned the wall panel heater on in my bedroom...

Thank you to everyone who reads my blog and especially to those who comment. I’m sure I speak for most (if not all) bloggers when I say that when I go onto my blog and see xxx comments, I am thrilled to bits. When I see a new link on my comments, I make a point of visiting that blog. Once again, I’m sure all bloggers will agree that it is great fun to meet people from all over the world.

Due to time constraints,from now on my blog is award and tag free. I'd much rather be visiting other blogs and commenting on them than passing on awards.

I've added a photo of my garden at the moment and a few of the feline inhabitants of my house during winter.


  1. Cats just know where to find the best heat source!


  2. Ooh-boy, GG, my cats know where the sun rays fall on the carpet, which beds have electric blankets and where the heaters are. My husband says his home is inundated by lazy geriatric cats! Thanks for popping in. (((Hugs)))

  3. Hi Jo, I wonder what you call freezing cold winter temps? It is nearly midsummer over here and we have had one week of 23%F now it is back down to mid teens and 7 or 8% at night!it is nice to keep photos of the garden as we can forget so easily what grew where and more importantly how big!

  4. Hi Peggy, I know! My dh is in the UK at the moment and tells me it's cold too. Apparantly you had one day-couple days of very hot weather and now it's back to cold. I keep thinking of your sister's lovely book of blooms/her garden and would love to do something like that with all my garden and outdoor photos. I've been trying to go onto your blog as a follower but couldn't. Will try again later today. Warm hugs from a 1 degree morning in South Africa (LOL!)


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