Friday, June 12, 2009

More Sunrise over Fouriesburg Dam

Last week I posted Sunrise over Fouriesburg Dam on SkyWatch Friday. These photos were taken a few minutes later to the right of the dam in that post.

It's amazing how the colours differ in the same sunrise!

Soft pink clouds reflected in the cold dark water of the dam

The sun begins to emerge from behind the trees
Finally the warmth of the sun is visible behind the trees and reflected in the water

For more beautiful sky photos click here. (Thanks to Klaus, Sandy, Wren, Ivar and Fishing Guy for this fantastic site.)


  1. Wow! These are fantastic. Each one is as beautiful as the last. It is amazing how just a few minutes can give you an entirely different look in the sky.

    -Eyes, Mind, Heart

  2. Very beautiful and peaceful setting. Great pictures.

  3. These shots are absolutely fantastic, the first one is my favourite.

    Have a great weekend
    Regina In Pictures

  4. It seems that it's a cloudy day. But all of them are so nice. I mean your photos. Thanks

    here's my link:

  5. Beautiful, fantastic shots! Love your skies and the colors! Thanks for sharing the beauty! Happy SWF! Have a great weekend!

  6. A wonderful post of the development of a sunrise. Nature is trulu wonderful putting on such a wondrous sho when hardly anyone is there to see, much less appreciate, the wonders.

  7. That's so beautiful I wish I could be there to see it in person. =) Really nice snaps!

  8. It's a lovely series of photos, Jo. I agree - amazing how many colour changes there are, and all of them beautiful.

  9. Hi 2sweetnsaxy;) welcome to my blog. thanks for your very kind comments.

    Hi James;) nice to see you again! Thanks for visiting and commenting.

    Hi GuyD;) wow, that's a compliment coming from you. Thanks for you kind comment.

    Hi SylviaK;) thanks for visiting and your kind comments!

    Hi Princess Sarah;) nice to see you again. Thanks for your kind comments.

    Hi Sanna;) thanks for visiting and your kind comment

    Hi Janice;) nice to see you. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  10. Beautiful photos. I love the kind of smoky pinkish colors.

  11. I love the sharp, angular silhouettes over the softness of the sky and clouds. Beautiful!

  12. Beautiful! I love the mood in these photos...and the soft subtle touches of color...

  13. This is a fantastic series. Amazing how quickly the sky changes. Some of these captures look like paintings. Awesome! Thanks for sharing Jo.

  14. Hi Jo these are excellent shots.
    I like it all.

  15. These photos are simply beautiful!

  16. Those are just beautiful photos! Wonderful reflections. It all looks so serene.

  17. Hi Arija;) sorry, I popped onto your blog via this comment and your photos were amazing. I got carried away and never came back here to reply to you! Thanks for your wonderful comment. Yes, nature just carries on even if we humans often don't take notice of it.

    Hi hip chick;) yes, the colours here seem almost "feminine" for want of a word...,Thanks for your continued visits and comments.

    Hi Pat;) yes there is quite a bit of contrast in the photos. All I can remember of that morning is how freezing cold it was... Yet, the discomfort was worth it when I look at these photos. Thanks for popping in.

    Hi Carol;) yes, I agree on the mood part; as I mentioned above, it almost seems "feminine" ha! Thanks for popping in.

    Hi Gaelyn;) thanks for your kind comments. Yes, the photos far exceeded my expectations.

    Hi Regina;) thanks for your kind comments. Bless you my friend.

    Hi Gennasus;) nice to see you again! Thanks for the visit and commenting.

  18. Sunrise over water is always beautiful.

  19. I agree totally, Arija. Off to visit your amazing blog and see what beautiful photos you have today. (((Hugs)))


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