Sunday, June 28, 2009

Poplar Trees and a Dam along the Route

All along the road when you travel in the Eastern Free State, you will come across peaceful and idyllic scenes. A few weeks ago I took my littlest and oldest dog, Megan, to be clipped in Ladybrand while I did my monthly grocery shopping. On the way back, she and I stopped and admired the view. This was what we came up with. (Of course I always have my camera handy...)

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  1. Thanks for posting your pics. It gives me a more realistic view of your homeland. Your dog has great taste in places to stop!

  2. I am so pleased I found your blog, Jo. I'm seeing a completely different country to the one I imagined.

  3. Hi bettyl;) welcome to my blog! Thanks for your comment which I'll pass on to Megan (lol!) I'm off to visit your blog shortly.

    Hi Petit Eyekiss;) welcome to my blog and thanks for your kind comment. I'm off to visit your blog soon.

    Hi Valerie;) I'm glad I've "met" you as well. You show me a wonderful view of your world too!

    Hi Angel. Pearls;) Welcome to my blog Thanks for your kind wishes and comment.


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