Sunday, June 7, 2009

Scenic Scene over Fouriesburg Dam

On Skywatch Friday, I posted Sunrise over Fouriesburg Dam. I, along with a couple of other bloggers, was unable to post it, but you can view it here, if you like. I'd taken those photos at the end of April 2007. That same day, albeit an hour later, I took this photo above.

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  1. What lovely muted colours. Great reflections and composition too. I also had a frantic half hour or so on Friday - thought the problem was my computer so I did persevere and in the end used Safari instead of my usual MSN. Such a shame not be able to link such a lovely image!

  2. Beautiful colour tones in this photo! There is a magical ambiance in it!

    Thank you for your delightful comments on my Scenic Sunday. I too couldn't link to SkyWatch!

    Happy weekend!

  3. lazyclick;) welcome to my blog and thanks for your kind comment.

    postcardsfromwildwood;) welcome to my blog. Thanks for your kind comment. My son installed Firefox and I was able to link the image today! However, now I find I cannot copy and paste on my blog posts. Grrr.

    Hi Greyscale Territory;) thanks for your kind comment. Have a wonderful week ahead.

  4. You are such a lucky person to have a view as gorgeous as that near you. Lovely!

  5. The reflection is so gorgeous - what season is now there?

  6. This one is really a scenic view...seeing this kind of place makes me feel peaceful within. Thanks

    Las Islas Filipinas World

  7. so serene. love the reflections!

  8. Hi Jo. Wow it's beautiful.

  9. Hi Karen;) welcome to my blog.Yes, we are blessed with a beautiful country all around us. Thanks for popping in.

    Hi ellievellie;) we are experiencing winter now. Not cold by US or Eurpean standards but freezing for us. I love the summer months and cannot wait for mid-Augus when the warmer weather begins to emerge again. thanks for popping in.

    Hi The Explorer: It is peace inducing, not so?

    Hi floreta;) welcome to my blog! It is a really peaceful scene, I agree.

    Regina;) thanks for your kind commnet. Blessings.

  10. Interesting and beautiful scenic view!


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