Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Around the camp in sixty minutes!

On Friday morning I walked up to the lane behind the Guest House to see if I could spot birds. Sue was wandering, camera in hand, down the lane from her house. We met in the middle and stood chatting. I told her I'd seen a stone path leading up out of the camp into the bush. She offered to take me on a tour around the outside of the camp perimeter. It took us over an hour to complete the circuit, after which we emerged, hot, dusty, dishevelled but thrilled with our walk, onto the main road which leads to the mine. There a privately-owned truck had overturned which Grant's loader later pulled out and sent on its way!

An overgrown area just above our lane. I climbed up this incline towards the Guest House and into the lane running  along it
The guest house, Sue's house and the mine owner's house line this lane. The mine owner lives in Canada and only makes periodic visits to the site

The path into the bush behind the perimeter fence which surrounds the camp

Sue leads the way through the bush

No, not a tree-hugger. Sue is patting (congratulating) and admiring this old giant for still being around !
We had quite a steep climb down into a dry ravine after which we climbed up towards bottom boundary of the camp. Sue had come out in flip-flops which weren't conducive to easy hiking!

Early on Friday morning this privately-owned truck went off the road into a ditch. Grant's loader was commissioned to pull it out. Before Grant would do this, the truck owner had to sign a letter which said they would pay for the hours the loader worked and that the mine was not responsible for any damage.  At first, the truck owner refused to sign and it took the safety officer about two hours to convince him. Eventually he signed and Grant sent his workshop manager, Tom in to pull the truck out!

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  1. What great adventures you have, Jo! It's almost like being a kid again off at summer camp, out exploring.

    It's a good thing Grant got the driver to sign the document releasing the mine owner from all liability! I imagine some people might decide to sue for damages, even though it was their own fault for going into the ditch!

  2. Jo - looks like you and Sue had a great hike and a good time. Silly of the truck driver not to want to sign. LOL
    Dick just brought me a chocolate croissant, but no coffee, so I'd better try to figure out what to do.
    Luv, K

  3. That is such a lush and green area! I bet you could grow anything there!

  4. That was an adventurous walk. I hope there wasn't any danger of wild animals hurting you.

  5. Wow - the bush is thick there hey - I also seem to often end up going for hikes in unsuitable shoes and then regretting it ...

  6. Fun to explore a new found path.


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