Thursday, March 10, 2011

Eurasian Visitor

Common Greenshank seen last Sunday morning in the river near Grant's office

This bird above is a common pale grey long-legged wader with a long pointed, slightly upturned bill. The underparts are white and the legs are grey-green. Utters a very distinctive "chew-chew" call and when feeding has a habit of dashing about in shallow water (as seen above) The sexes are laike and immature resembles adult. A visitor from Eurasia, it most likely occurs singly (like above!) or in small loose parties around almost any water - coastal or inland.


  1. It's a cute bird, Jo. I'd love to see it dashing about in the water. That must be a lot of fun to see.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  2. Sweet! You are becoming quite the birder.

  3. The bird looks familiar. But I'm not sure if I saw it in Africa or in Canada. Have a great day Jo!

  4. You're having 'a ball' spotting all these exciting new birds, aren't you, Jo?! And becoming so adept at being able to recognise and name them...Wow! I tend to just 'enjoy them in the moment' and rarely try looking them up in our birdbooks. As long as I know what species it is, I'm not bothered with learning the type...sign of a lazy mind ;)

    You're amazing and I really do admire your diligence.

  5. He has a beat beak for digging under water. Great shots and info.
    I forgot to wish you a happy anniversary. So I hope you had a nice weekend.

  6. Well, he's a cutie! Wonder where his friends got off to?Lol
    Happy day Jo!!

  7. I have been seeing pictures of all kinds of birds that I'd never seen before, Jo. They are all so unique...I praise our glorious Creator!

  8. He's a beauty, and your photos of them are great!


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