Saturday, March 12, 2011

Journalism in the valley!

The English teacher, Monica (left) and the Kiswahili teacher, Roslind took down copious notes while I addressed the Journalism Club

On Wednesday afternoon, Sharda, Sue and I attended the school clubs again. Sharda had projects for the Science Club, I'd been asked by the Journalism Club to present a project and Sue spent the time closeted in the Head Teacher's office discussing various things. My presentation entailed explaining to the learners what journalism is. Quite a number of them think a journalist only needs a camera around his/her neck to be successful. Explaining to them that to be a successful journalist  takes hard work, dedication, a strong sense of observation and a great deal of creativity! You also need a love of the written word. Part of my talk included an interview. I interviewed Sue who posed as a shopkeeper in the village.

Afterwards, when the children had returned to their classes,  the teachers, Monica and Roslynd asked if I would help them with putting on a Passion play for Easter. Thank goodness for my dear sister, Rose in the UK who has sent me some good pointers and websites.
Afterwards while walking through the school gardens we were pleased to see the above sign. It had been created by the Wildlife Club: the words fashioned from soda bottle tops


  1. What a wonderful idea for making a sign to stop littering! They must be great kids.
    I'm glad your journalism talk went well. It sounds like you are going to be kept busy at the school, and I'm sure you enjoy it, but a Passion Play sounds like a major undertaking. I'm glad your sister Rose is helping you via cyberspace, it makes me feel good about the new methods of communication. I was feeling sentimental about the decline in journalism due to the internet.
    I hope you and Grant are keeping well.
    Luv, K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  2. Hi Jo, It sounds like you gave a wonderful presentation to the students. How lovely that they want you to help them put on a play. I'm happy to see their sign too as I know that cleanliness and conservation are all good things to teach and to learn. Hugs xx

  3. How fun for you to get involved with the school.

  4. Hi Jo - jeepers, I thought you were still in SA - you certainly get around Africa hey - I've never been out of Southern Africa ...

    ... Kenya is now a richer place for having you there ... you coming to Nam next?

  5. I bet you enjoyed doing that. I hope the children were encouraged to try writing.
    I can see that school will keep you busy.

  6. I can see you'll soon be wondering what happened to all the free time you thought you were going to have while Grant was working!

    It's great that you're taking the opportunity to make a real difference to the lives of those obviously eager young minds! It sounds like a super school to be part of!

  7. Signs are a Good thing at times! it!

  8. It's fantastic that you are getting involved with the after school clubs, Jo, especially the journalism club! You have much to offer them with all your writing experience. They will learn a lot from you, a published writer! Isn't it a blessing to teach children?!

  9. I love the sign made of bottle caps! I bet you are experiencing such a rewarding time helping out...good for you!

  10. I enjoyed reading about your talk on journalism. Writing can indeed be hard work, and as you say, love of the written word is so important.

    It's great that you are able to encourage these young people, Jo, and good luck with the Passion Play..that does sound like a

    Have a wonderful week...:)


  11. Working with and teaching youngsters is always challenging and fun. I'll bet you're really good at it, Jo.
    Love the bottle cap sign!


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