Sunday, March 6, 2011

Life in the day of ...

 ...a birdwatcher's companion and bodyguard

Uh-oh, she's bumbled down this hill in search of an elusive bird. Not watching where she's going. Just peering upwards and staggering along. I'd better follow her.

OK,  at least now she's sitting down , so I can keep an eye on her. She's watching a silly bird in the tree above.  She says its a PARROT and it's eating a fig!  Who wants to balance on one foot on a branch eating a FIG when you can have the tastiest fine cuts served on your own plate indoors instead. Silly bird...

Now she's snapping away at an imposter at my drinking trough! She says it's a thrush. Just another silly bird, I say! At my outdoor water bowl!

AHA! At least the birds have left and I can have  drink. Watching a birdwatcher is mighty thirsty work. Oh, she's taking photos again; but I don't mind because the photos are of me! Can you see the beautiful condition of my coat? And can you see how I'm filling out? Muscles and brawn: that's me!

Oh no, now she's in the flower bed. At least I'm here guarding her against spiders and ants! She's muttering about Super Macro and wild irises. And new blog header photos. Doh! What's wrong with leaving my photo on the header?

Now for a nice nap after a strenuous morning of watching over a birdwatcher!

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  1. That bird-watching is a hard job for a kitty, Jo... I hope you gave her a nice snack before she took her nap.... ha ha

    Great post.

  2. I'm so glad you have Ginger to look after you, Jo. Some of us need bodyguards.
    Dick has a long day today, so I took Lindy out on her leash.
    We weren't a block from home when we reached a patch of sidewalk no one had shoveled for a while. I stepped into it, and felt my foot twist and my back protest.
    I did not make a noise, I really didn't, but Lindy stopped, just behind me.
    I turned around, stepped out of the deep snow, and asked her what she wanted. Then she turned around, and led me home.
    As soon as we were in the house, she asked to go out into the back yard - alone, without me to worry her. True story.
    See why I'm glad you have Ginger to guard you?
    Luv, K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  3. It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it.

  4. Is this Ginger? He seems to be doing very well. Cute post too ;-)

  5. I loved this!!! And Ginger is looking beautiful...just goes to show what love, good meals and a nice cosy bed can do for a cat :)

    Bless you, Jo!!!

  6. You are very lucky to be a garden cat, Ginger. I just sit by my window and watch the squirrels in the tree all day.

  7. Love the flower header too!
    My favorite line?
    What life had always Given us, it is now taking away.....
    God Bless Good Children!Lol

  8. What a great thing for John and Debbie to do - bring Grant's mother to their home for a 3-week stay. Their children will be able to get to know their grandma better and she'll enjoy being with them.

    I laughed at what Ginger was thinking. She (?) certainly does loook sleek and healthy now...thanks to her loving owner. I love the big wild iris in your header photo!

  9. Your kitty is looking fine and healthy.
    The iris header is lovely!

  10. Now you have everything to feel home, even a cute cat, lol !


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