Sunday, March 6, 2011

Real sacrifice

Good news from far away is like cold water to the thirsty Proverbs 25:25

Last week John and Debbie mailed us and said they were going to fetch Grant's mum for a visit. She is in an old age home in Durban, about an hour and a half' s drive from where John and Debbie live in the Drakensberg. M.i.l. is 82 and will be part of Debbie's homeschool and also live with this young family for the next three weeks. This is indeed good news for us so far away and I believe this is going to be a blessing to all concerned.

Yesterday just after sunrise (top photo) I sat at the back of the house (photo above) I thought about how we're all going to get old one day. No matter what, old age comes to all of us. And will we be able to say our children will care about us because we showed kindness towards our parents? And this includes our spouses' parents as well.

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  1. That's neat that your kids can get Grand's Mom for a visit... YES--we all get old, and we all deal with the older ones in our families... As you know, we are dealing with George's parents --who are almost 91 and almost 99 now....


  2. I'm not certain what I had previously written was posted because an error occured so if it did and I'm repeating myself, I apologize...what I had mentioned is that is one thing I worry about having one child and the burden it places upon him as we age. I do not want to be a burden to him but like you said, we all grow old.
    thanks for the lovely photos!

  3. Wonderful of John and Debbie to get Grant's mother for a visit. They' do it it because they love her.
    When my parents were in care, I flew out to the west coast every six or eight weeks, first to see both of them, then just Dad. I didn't consider it a sacrifice, I wanted to be with them.
    Mom used to tell me how much she loved having me in the room with her, not visiting, just being. She would crochet and watch TV, while I read a book. "The others are busy," she'd say, "and they visit often, but they can't stay like you do." (I slept in the care facility's guest suite nearby.)
    Dad had dementia, and didn't remember much of anything, but he always knew his children, and those of his grandchildren who could visit. He wasn't himself any more, but we loved the sweet old man he had become.
    I consider myself fortunate to have had them as long as I did.
    Love, K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  4. Take care of everyone as they won't be with you forever, but especially your elders. How wonderful for the children to spend time with great-grandma. A very special opportunity. I want to treasure the time with my Mom. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. Hi Jo! Kenya looks just as beautiful and fascinating as all the other marvelous places you have lived.

  6. This is a great theme. I'm so glad John and Debbie are able to spend time with your MIL. I know I am so grateful when someone will go and visit mom and for relatives that isn't often since we are so few and only two live near her for now. I don't have children myself so I'm afraid I won't have them to visit me where ever I do end up. I pray that God will look after me. Hugs xx

  7. Hi Jo,I've sent you the information you need via email. I'm wondering if you got it. I know your internet service is sporadic and slow so perhaps you simply haven't opened it yet but I wanted to be sure. Write me when you get a chance. Blessings. xx

  8. You have good and caring kids. It's sad to see those we love grow old, and perhaps sadder still to grow old ourselves.


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