Sunday, February 5, 2012

Arrived at last!

 Thank you to every one who's commented on my blog about our move. Thank you too, for the well-wishes and the questions.

It may have seemed sudden yet to us, it wasn't all that unexpected. The company director of Grant's present [new] employ was his project manager way back in 2001-2003 and again in 2005 on the gold mines of Guinea, West Africa. He has been headhunting Grant since May last year; he and his wife ( a good friend of mine) also met up with us in Johannesburg in September while we were travelling back to Kenya and the men spoke business while we caught up on grandchildren and other news.

However, every time whenGrant and I discussed moving, we'd decide against leaving the beautiful valley in Kenya. Then after we returned from our short holiday in December, the man contacted Grant again: this time with an offer he couldn't refuse.

So on Wednesday 1 February at 4.30am,  we left Chebutie Camp in Keirio Valley and headed up the mountain to Eldoret for the last time. We had our suitcases, backpacks, two tin trunks and the cats. Sadly though, Ginger was nowhere to be found when we left so we only checked in with Shadow and Ambrose. (But more about that later)

On Friday at midday we arrived at our destination - Tanzania - on  a diamond mine site in the northern part of the country. More - much more - about this later too!  
I've marked our departure in Kenya (see near Eldoret) with a yellow star and our arrival in Tanzania near Shiyanga with a star. A white line marks our journey made from Kenya to Tanzania

We flew from Eldoret to Nairobi where we waited for a connecting flight to Dar Es Salaam (known as Dar) in Tanzania. The cats were unable to fly on our plane; later that evening they'd board a Boeing which transports live animals and cages.

We spent the night in Dar at a beautiful hotel overlooking the harbour . The next day Grant spent the morning at the company HO dealing with business while I collected the cats [two only!] from the Cargo Terminal at the airport. This is an entire story on its own which I will be telling later!

On Thursday night we flew to Mwanza, the second largest city in Tanzania, with Dar being the largest, and overnighted in a beautiful hotel on the shores of Lake Victoria. We were able to let the cats out of their cages and run around the bungalow-type room we had. They were delighted to sleep on our bed that night!

The next morning travelled down in a company Toyota with the cats on the back seat next to me. Once in our lovely house in the camp, we let them out again - into the house only, they'll not be let outside for while yet - and they've been exploring their new surroundings and choosing special places to sleep, ever since.

Can anyone guess what happened to Ginger? Did we leave him in the valley permanently, where he was born, where he ruled supreme and where he seemed so happy?

The answer to follow...


  1. That's a big move! Enjoy your new place and new experiences, Jo. Shalom to you all.

  2. So glad to hear you arrived safe and sound. I have no idea what happened to Ginger but it sounds like you know and so I'm sure the cat is safe.

    I hope to hear more about your adventures soon. I see you had a very long journey to your place of work and relaxation. Hugs. xx

  3. Guess who's coming to visit? Really it's not about the fishing in Lake Victoria & Lake Tanzania. Gross my heart and all that!!!

    Glad to hear almost all of you got there safely. Can't wait to hear Ginger's story.

  4. Just to let Grant know, the Tiger fishing in TZ rivers is said to be awesome!!

  5. Glad I checked your blog this morning, Jo... SO--you have a brand new experience to share with us. So sorry about Ginger... Congrats on the new job offer!!!! Grant must be the 'cream of the crop' in his career area... I'm sure you will love it there...

    Can't wait to hear about Ginger...

  6. You certainly lead an interesting life. I am sure you will be happy where ever you are in Africa. As for Ginger, I am sure you have made some excellent plan for him. Diane

  7. Such a big move! I'm so glad you all arrived safe and sound and ready to start the next adventure! I can't wait to hear Ginger's story, too. I'll continue holding good thoughts for all of you!


  8. Oh, Jo, I almost cried about Ginger, but then you seemed so nonchalant so I'm sure someone will have offered to adopt him there in the Valley.
    So...Tanzania. Very interesting. I'm sure I've told you Dick's boss and his wife are from Africa, one from Kenya and one from Tanzania. Well, if you can just stay put long enough for me to figure out a way to visit, we just might see you there.
    In the meantime, you'll be having a visit from your brother, so that's fabulous.
    Hugs to you and Grant and Shadow and Ambrose,

  9. Sure looks like the long way around. Just getting from one place to another is an adventure. Look forward to seeing your new abode and hearing what happened to Ginger.

  10. Wow, Jo. I must have missed a post. Congrats on your move, I hope you and the kitties are very happy in your new home. I am looking forward to hearing more about now.

  11. Jo! I'm so relived to hear that you landed safely at your new destination - with your two cats. I was concerned that there may have been a national emergency brewing and your company people learned of it ... then thought of a hundred things that could have happened. Had I never been there it might not have alarmed me at all but we lived there during some turbulent times - from '89-'98. Also I'm glad that you won't lose the bit of Kiswahili you've picked up over in fact, you are now in the country that uses Kiswahili as their official language. Looks like you won't be too far away from Mwanza. We have had some meetings there with our leadership from the East African Region. Altho I know much more about Kenya - Tanzania is a beautiful country too. I look forward to hearing more about your adventure through customs, etc. traveling with those cats - and also anxious to hear what happened to Ginger. You were in my thoughts and prayers.

  12. I'm reading backwards catching up on your posts. I don't know how I missed them. Hope your internet connection improves, That could be a downer,


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