Monday, February 6, 2012

The trip from Kenya to Tanzania

It's 5pm East African time and I've struggled since dawn to upload photos and get a post onto my blog! My Internet (USB modem) is so very, very slow when it works, which is not at all! I have had Internet connection for a total of about 15 minutes today. However, before it kicks out again, let me get on with my post!

As you know, we left the Highlands of Kenya and flew to Tanzania arriving on Friday last week. When flying from South Africa to Kenya or Ethiopia, the airlines always fly over the stunningly beautiful and awesomely huge Mt Kilimanjaro.  I have taken photos of this monolith from the plane before but never ever have we been so close and managed to get such clear photos. Not only that, the visibility was so good that I also got a number of good shots of the lesser known, but as challenging, Mt Meru.

Until the end of 2009, I had a blogger friend, Lynda  (we met up twice in South Africa)  who lived on a farm in the foothills of Kilimanjaro. She could see the world famous mountain from her front veranda and Mt Meru from her back door. It was through Lynda that I first started blogging and also met many of you: Penny, (Canada) Lori, (USA) Catherine, (Holland/Ireland) Diane (France), Peggy (Ireland) Jackie (Egypt), Graham (Namibia) and many, many more.

Lynda, who lives in South Africa now,  has had a very difficult year and has not restarted her blog. Nevertheless, I never fly over Kilimanjaro without thinking of this sweet, young lady. In fact when I arrived in Dar, I sent her a text message telling her where I was and we had a lovely long chat.
Mt Kilimanjaro is 5895m high, the highest mountain in Africa and the highest freestanding volcanic mountain in the world. Mt Meru is the second highest mountain in Tanzania and the fifth highest in Africa. Both are great tourist attractions in this country

We spent Wednesday night in Dar in a beautiful hotel overlooking the harbour
On Thursday evening we flew to Mwanza, the second largest city in Tanzania and spent the night in a hotel on the shores of Lake Victoria. Above is Grant and a new production manager, Marnitz whom we've known since his teens. He and his brother and sister lived on camp in Guinea, West Africa, next door to us with their parents. His father is the one who convinced Grant to move to Tanzania!

 On Friday we were driven down to the mine site and camp. The roads (tarred) are fantastic so the two hour trip went without a hitch. A short gravel road leads towards the mine
The entrance to the diamond mines. I will be writing a great deal about this new venture and adventyure in our lives!
And finally, our home and garden on camp

The house is 60 years old and needs to be equipped for a woman's use! I am the first woman to live here in many years and at present the only woman on camp. I 'm fast making friends with the Tanzanian ladies who clean our homes and the guest house and cook our meals. My Swahili is getting good practice! The garden is full of birds and the first one I photographed is a resident Grey-headed Kingfisher.

So if my Internet would play ball, and stay on permanently, I could say: Another tough day in Africa.  (PS that one's for you, Fred!)


  1. Looks like beautiful place. I think you and Grant made a good move.

  2. What wonderful photos Jo and I am so lease that you have spoken to Lynda. I had an email form her the other day.

    Kilimanjaro looks amazing. I am looking forward to the different birds that you will be taking pictures of. Keep well and enjoy your new life. Diane

  3. Another wonderful, interesting look at your new life, Jo! I am excited for you and Grant and look forward to seeing and learning more about your new world! Have a great week!


  4. Haha! Yes - looks like now you are "suffering for Jesus"! My-oh-My! I'm so glad you had the opportunity to photograph "Kili" from up close. It's a beautiful mountain. I know you are going to transform that camp with the joy of Jesus emanating from your heart. The photos reveal a wonderful scene. And what about those roads? Quite an improvement over the last stretch into Kimwarer Valley! I do hope you can find a way for faster Internet service. It's so frustrating not to have it once you've enjoyed high-speed.

  5. I can't leave you out of my eyes for a second and you move to another country !! Fortunately I am sitting on my chair ! Unbelievable in such a short time ! I just catched up on your posts, I can imagine that your heart was bleeding to leave this beautiful place in Kenya ! and I didn't even have the opportunity to visit you there because it is only 5 h flight from here ! Now I am really curious to know what happened to Ginger. I am happy to hear that Shadow and Ambrose supported well the changement in their lives !
    If I understand well you will deal with diamonds now ?? You have a precious man !
    I still can't believe that I missed this and that I find you know in Tanzania ! I hope you get used to live there quickly and are not too homesick of Kenya !!

  6. Don't forget to tell us about the cat please. So glad you were able to touch base with Lynda. I sure hope things are going better for her...let me know.

    Can't wait to see what you do with your house.

  7. Jo this looks like an amazingly beautiful place to enjoy a new adventure. I so look forward to the stories and photos. Hope the internet thing gets worked out. My droid drops the hotspot all the time.
    And the cats?

  8. Well I'm so glad that the internet worked long enough for you to get the post and photos up.

    The photos are great. I love the views of the mountains and Dar on the coast. Your pics do them justice.

    The roads look nice and smooth. Enjoy.

  9. JO, what a great trip and tour of your new home. Kilimanjaro looks beautiful. If you are near Lake Victoria, is this also where the big falls are located? I think it is very cool to have a kingfisher in your yard. Wonderful post and photos.

  10. Looks like another beautiful day and a new adventure for you two, Jo. I'm sure you will have many friends there soon...

    Hope you can get your internet worked out.

  11. Well, it might look like a good move to your brother, but I'm still worrying about the cats.
    However, you and I might be doing kitchen renovations at the same time, it seems. LOL
    I hope you and Grant (and the cats) will soon be settled, comfortable, and happy. What to do about your internet connection, though? I hope it improves.
    Luv, K

  12. The adventure begins. You are one brave lady. However, it looks a nice place and I bet you'll have the house and garden looking great in no time.

  13. This looks like another beautiful place to explore. You have a most interesting life, Jo! It's great that you were able to text with Lynda.


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