Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Unpacking and settling in

The larger of the two tin trunks that I collected with Ginger at Mwanza airport on Saturday

Ambrose arrived as soon as he heard me working with the trunks
 Mother's little helper...

Ginger's travel cage
The neat and easy-to-handle cages in which Shadow and Ambrose travelled from Kenya to Tanzania

We travelled with eight pieces of luggage, that was excluding Ginger and the two trunks!

I'm off to the neighbouring town of Shinyaga this morning. It's 10km from the camp and a driver will take me.  I am going to the fresh produce market to stock up fruit and vegetables for the Guest House. Afterwards I'll go to the general dealer to buy bread, eggs, milk and yoghurt. I also need to buy quite a few things for our house: waste paper baskets, containers for breakfast cereals and cookies, bath mats, mirrors and much more. I will have my camera with me so will come and post about it sometime soon.


  1. Oh boy, shopping in a new neighborhood. Can't wait to see what you come up with and the additions to your newest home. 10km not to far away either.

  2. Sounds like you have plenty to do in order to get settled... How is the weather there when compared to Kenya???

    Hope you have a great day!!!!


  3. Sounds like Ambrose is really growing up, Jo, being so helpful with the unpacking. Now if you can just get him to learn to do the shopping...!
    I'm just SO glad Ginger is there with you and seems to be happy after finding "his" place. You and your trio of international cats are soon going to be famous.
    I do think you should do another article for that magazine when you have time. Traveling with three cats, one of whom got left behind, is a whole different story. I can just picture you calling "Ginger!" as the car left camp. LOL
    Hi to Grant and cuddles to the cats.
    Luv, K

  4. Sounds as though you are busy settling in and Ambrose and Ginger seem to be helping out!!! Hope things continue to go well, Jo, you do seem to be quite busy!! Do get some rest!


  5. Ah ! The joys of settling in. You make it sound exciting. Looking forward to seeing some of the countryside.

  6. How wonderful you have some little helpers with your unpacking. I hope everything goes smoothly. If i were you I would be out there checking out the neighborhood and yard. LOL! It should be a fun trip to the grocery store a whole adventure in itself. Jo, have a great day!

  7. Your amazing of which books are written!! I haven't stopped by in a few days and need to read your earlier posts. I did scroll down and saw the pictures of the beautiful Mt. K!

  8. Fortunately you are used to this packing, unpacking, packing, unpacking etc, lol ! and with such a helper !!
    I don't know how I would handle that, besides my suitcases I never packed anything and I don't remember when we moved to Waterloo.

  9. still reading about all of your adventures!

  10. Love it when you "take" us shopping with you!! It's a whole new world!

  11. Thanks, Jo, that you take time even now with your busy schedule to share these adventures with us. Love it!

  12. You have to set up a new household very frequently, Jo. How long will you and Grant stay at this location in Tanzania? The cats appear to be long as they are with Mama Jo and Papa Grant!


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