Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Leaving the Valley

Yes, it's true! As this post is aired today, we'll be on our way to the airport. We're flying out of Kenya to an undisclosed destination.  I should be online again on Friday and will mail you from our new country. 

We're leaving with very, very sad hearts but it's for the best. (more about our new life later, promise) Right now I'm more concerned about our three cats who fly out with us. Shadow is a seasoned traveller; he entering his fourth country! Ginger and Ambrose were born in the valley and apart from two trips to the vet in Eldoret, they've not been anywhere else.

However, all three cats' health documents, passports and general health and well-being are in in order and they're safely locked in their travel cages until their destination later this evening.

I hoped to do a post before I left, on what I'll miss about Kenya, the valley and the camp. But time just ran out on me. I will post about this later, because as I said last week, this is the best place we have spent time in.

Our last view of sunrise over the valley as we travel up the mountain to Eldoret Airport

My garden early yesterday morning. It's no wonder that I'm sad to leave here...
My house was always surrounded by birds, birdsong and calls. These Black-headed Oriole were permanent visitors in our garden and their call sounded to me  like "Gerald Durrell"! (I use mnemonics to remember things like bird calls)
I can tell you that Ginger was much happier in the garden

Or resting on the settee rather than being cooped up in a cage on travelling to a strange country!
Ambrose loves sitting on my desk in front of the window...(Note how his tongue protrudes like Ginger's above)
Here he is on the luggage in the spare room (You're not leaving without me!)
For Shadow it's just another day at the office. C'mon guys, it's only a trip in the car and then on the airplane. Easy when it's the third time for you, Shadow!

To everyone reading this, please think of us as we travel with trunks, suitcases, backpacks and three cats to our new destination. I'll be back online as soon as I can!


  1. You have my prayers. I hope you got last photos of you and Grant in the valley. I see you got plenty of the cats and they look positively happy :-) I'm sad to see you leave Kenya and I hope you will be just as happy in your new home if not moreso. God bless. Hugs and safe travels. See you when you get back on line my friend,

  2. My thoughts and prayers are with you all! May you have safe trip to your new home! I look forward to reading about it soon! Take care, Jo!


  3. Oh my goodness, Jo, I can't believe it! An undisclosed location somewhere in Africa? And to think I thought Grant had retired when you moved to South Africa with Shadow.
    Well, one thing has been proven with today's photos. There's no doubt in my mind who Ambrose's daddy is. He gets more like Ginger every time I see his picture.

    Wishing all five of you the very best, wherever you are.
    Love, K

  4. Safe journey as you travel to a land of new memories to come and stories to share. I admire your mobility even with trunks, suitcases, backpacks and three cats. You leave with more than you arrived with. And I don't mean just the cats. Hugs! :)

  5. Jo...I had no idea you were moving. Look forward to your next post.

  6. Oh my goodness, Jo! Do be safe, and write when you can. You and your family...including the kitties are in my heart and thoughts.

  7. Bon voyage! Can't wait to see where you end up!

  8. Safe trip. Hope that all will be well at the other end. I guess that you must know where you are going!! Take care Diane

  9. Woooh how exciting you are off to another destination. This type of life must keep you young. I wouldn't like to do it at my age. It is exciting for us to know we are going to discover another country with you. Good luck with your luggage and cats. I hope you all arrive safely.

  10. Hi, Sorry I haven't been around this week. We have been traveling and taking more photos... Hope you are having a great week.

    Great photos. BUT--I'm sorry you are leaving Kenya. You made such a wonderful home there. Hope your next endeavor will turn out as GREAT as Kenya did. I'm keep you and your family--including the cats--in my prayers.

    Thanks for the gorgeous Christmas card. I got mine this week. AWESOME... I feel so special..


  11. Oh my Goodness!!! This is Sudden!! Hope all is alright!!
    Let us know Jo!!!

  12. OMGoodness! It's so sudden. And - believe it or not, your Christmas card was waiting for me in the mail when I arrived home from chemo treatment yesterday. What a thoughtful and nice card, Jo. You, my good friend and your husband are in my prayers from the time I opened and read the shocking news. It's always sad to leave a place behind - but exciting to look ahead to the new adventures the Lord has arranged for you. I'll anxiously keep checking back here to see where you have landed and praying God grants you favor with every ticket agent, customs and immigration officer, and the new people you will meet - but highest priority that you have His favor and blessing on you and strength for the journey.

  13. It's always sad to leave a place you have loved. I hope you are going to a destination that you will enjoy just as much.

  14. Great photos and a sad day. Hope your new location provides great adventures.

    Darryl and Ruth :)

  15. Jo, I had to read backwards so I already know you have arrived at your new home. What a surprise! I enjoyed reading all about your home, birds and garden in Kenya and I hope your new home is just as great. can't wait to read more. Happy Sunday.

  16. Oh, I'm just finding out about your leaving Kenya today (Feb.7th). I have been neglectful about keeping up with your blog sorry! So you won't be getting my New Year's letter, as I mailed it on Feb. 1st. I should have read this post on that day!


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