Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My new life in East Africa

I'm a bit late for Our World Tuesday because my Internet went out again (surprise, surprise) I went to market in Shinyanga (34km from Mwadui) on Tuesday and when I returned to camp,I had Internet connection again. Before it disappears, I'm posting these photos of people going to market along the main road. Men and women use bicycles to transport wood, charcoal, vegetables, fruit, chickens, goats. All tied to the back of their bikes while they pedal furiously uphill and down dale, or when the going gets tough, pushing them along the road.
Long lines of people transporting goods along the road to the market
A typical market scene in the middle of town

Thanks to everyone who continues to visit my blog and leave a comment. I firmly believe that soon (well, I DO believe this!) my Internet problems will be a dim memory!

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  1. Guess you have to grab those windows of internet opportunity when you can, Jo. Very interesting to see the line of people on their way to market. I imagine there is plenty of opportunity to socialize when they reach places where they have to push their bicycles.
    So nice to have you back online.
    It's still Tuesday morning here, so you're not too late.
    Luv, K

  2. Going to market is always an experience in Africa :-) I hope you're doing well. Hugs. xx

  3. Such a different life to ours here in Germany!
    Hope your internet problems are soon a thing of the past!
    Many greetings from Imke

  4. Hi Jo, the market area really looks busy. What an amazing world you live in. I am glad you had a chance to post your photos and post. Hopefully your internet problems will be solved. Have a great week and thanks for sharing.

  5. These photos of people bringing goods to the markets and of the markets themselves are similar to ones that my son and d-i-l snapped in Niger. Hurray for capitalism, I mean, economic freedom!


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