Monday, September 9, 2013

Aftermath frazzled

Although all's well in Kittyland, Hedgesville, I don't mind admitting that I'm absolutely worn out after the ordeal of almost losing Shadow on Saturday evening. He was very traumatized and although he had a drink of water and used his sandbox, he spent the whole night and entire Sunday in the lining of the lounge sofa.  I kept on getting up in the night to check on him, using the large torch which we take on our night birding outings. I'd hold my breath as I knelt down on the carpet, and be so relieved when I 'd see his bright but terrified eyes staring back at me from the depths of the furniture. Back in bed, although I'd try to relax and fall asleep, as I'd doze off, I'd think about "what if" (What if the dog had hurt Shadow before she dropped him? What if Shadow had injured himself when he hit the ground after we'd sawn down the tree? What if he'd run up the street  instead of into the open gate, never to be seen again? And I'd find myself being jerked awake. I was absolutely frazzled in the morning. 

Last evening we took Ginger and Ambrose out onto the patio, and although Shadow peered out of the kitchen door, he ventured no further than the back step before belting it back indoors again. Fortunately he spent the night on his favorite armchair and seems to [almost] be  back to normal. This morning he woke us at 4.45am (as he always has!) and told us he was hungry!

 Last night Shadow finally came out from under the sofa
Relaxing on his chair

Poor Ginger and Ambrose also bore the brunt of the upheaval on Saturday night. They were very sensitive to Shadow's trauma once he was safely indoors. Ginger lay on the carpet near the sofa and Ambrose kept peering underneath to see his Unca Shadow!
 Ginger slept on the carpet near the sofa and Shadow
 In between Ambrose has also helped me to kitty-sit Topsy and Tipsy as usual! 

Exhausted by a traumatic weekend and kitty-sitting duties 

The two kittens who're growing bigger by the minute! 

Here's wishing you all a wonderful week ahead.


  1. All's well that ends well. great news.

  2. I was always amazed at how kitty cats get frightened and hide for days. I've experienced it with the one and only cat I owned. She would also run away on me as she was a stray cat just shortly before I got her. I don't think she was a stray for too long as she was a Turkish Angora and her fur was not matted at all.

    Anyway, I know the experience of being terrified and frazelled when the cat got away. She would run out the door every chance she got to explore the environment. I kept her indoors due to many dangers outside. Once she ran away at my sister's house when I took her out of town with me. I thought she was lost forever, either eaten or injured. But one day she came meowing at the back door. It was pouring rain and she was soaking wet!

    Once I moved to an upper level I had to train her not to jump over the patio rails. Fortunately she learned to listen to the command in my voice. Much like a dog. I was relieved.

  3. I am glad there is happy ending with Shadow. Do you know what was wrong? I hope all is well now. I love your kitties! Have a happy day, Jo!

  4. I'm hoping he has learned never to go over the fence again, but he's still an adventurous young fella, so you won't know until it happens.
    It's very scary, having pets, isn't it? Let's hope Shadow returns to the behaviour that earned him his name... staying close to you all the time.
    Luv, K


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