Saturday, September 14, 2013

Last days of pottery

and passing through Dar! 

 The lemon decorated plates, and the tray with berries and leaves, is for a friend of mine in South Africa. The little blue bowl on the top left of the photo, is Rina's and I'll give it to her when I see her on Wednesday. Although I've wrapped all the items well in bubble wrap and had the bag wrapped at the airport, I hope they arrive at home in good order. 

I made these little animals by pouring liquid clay into individual moulds. (It looks like you're making chocolate Easter eggs!)
 Although they're cute, they're very difficult to glaze and take up a lot of unnecessary space in the kiln. Rina painted each little creature the week before she and Richard went out on leave 

We're in Dar Es Salaam at the moment. We arrived at our favorite hotel, The Seacliff at midday today after leaving the mine site at 4.30am this morning. A two hour drive from Mwadui to Mwanza, a two-and-a half-hour flight from Mwanza to Dar Es Salaam, a 45 minute wait at the carousal for our luggage  and then a 50 minute drive through traffic from the airport to our hotel. 
 View of the Indian Ocean from our hotel room

We're off to dinner with Jez, birder and hopefully our company caterer, at an English Pub tonight. Tomorrow we'll be up at 3.30 am, Mohamed collects us at 4.30am and we fly out to SA at 6.05 tomorrow morning. Until I'm connected in SA again, probably tomorrow night, here's wishing you all a wonderful weekend.  


  1. JO, wishing you safe travels. Pretty pottery, the lemon plates are my favorites. And the little animals are cute. I love the view of the ocean from your hotel. Gorgeous! Happy weekend to you!

  2. Love all your pottery, the berry one best.

    Long travels but home soon. Wondering what you have planned for this holiday adventure.


  3. Lucky you to get to travel so much!

    The pottery items are very pretty! Your friends will be delighted.

    Have another wonderful trip!

  4. Great job on the pottery. A long journey to Dar but the hotel view compensates :-) Safe journeys Jo until you are back home. Hugs.xx

  5. The pottery is very pretty. You did a great job with the painting and glaze.
    The ocean looks so beautiful.

  6. Nicely done ! congratulations ! it's getting better and better ! Enjoy your stay !

  7. I like the little figures. Its Monday so I hope you had a safe trip.


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