Sunday, September 22, 2013

Mum's far away

Hi Bozo and all mum's blog readers. As you know our yoomens are far away and me (Ambrose) Shadow and Dad Ginger are here in Mwadui. We also have the little kitties with us, whom we're sure mum and dad will keep forever. I love the Topsy and Tipsy and Regina, Pendo and Michael take such good care of us while our yoomens are away that the time seems to fly.

Last week before she left, Mum managed to "catch" the kittens birdwatching from dad's bathroom window. They can't get near the birds but they become very excited and making squeaking noises. I wonder if they've heard me when I birdwatch in the garden outside?

Topsy and Tipsy watch the birds in the garden

Life just goes on in Mwadui and we wait patiently until our mum returns.

Dad Ginger loves lying on the warm concrete in our garden

Unca Shadow loves to relax on a garden chair

I love to climb the avocado tree in the middle of the garden. I can't come to any harm as it's not near a roof or fence! 

Where mum is faaaar away now, I have seen photos of another kitty on her 'puter. This kitty is very fat, even fatter than Dad Ginger. We wonder whether this kitty is getting all the food and that's why mum has to struggle to find food in Tanzania. Oh well, as long as mum returns to us sometime...
The fat kitty who lives in mum's house when she's faaar away from us in Tanzania

Ooh-eeh! That kitty is on dad's lap just where Unca Shadow sleeps when they're here with us! 

She looks quite friendly! But still very fat! 

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  1. Ah, you do have such beautiful kitties, Jo!! Love your pics!!

  2. Hi Jo Love all the cat shots adn commentary

  3. Poor kitties are missing Mum! I have a feeling everyone is being treated very well while she is away! Cute kitties! Have a happy week!

  4. And Precious!!Hahaaa...Fun post Jo!

  5. Hi Jo, just checking in to make sure you and yours are okay. After watching the news I immediately thought of you.

    God bless and keep you safe.

  6. What a fun photo of the cats birdwatching. You can see the tension and excitement in their stance.

  7. Ambose your youmens are the best cat lovers I know. be good while mum is away.


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