Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Penultimate Birding Weekend

Last Sunday Grant and went out birding on the mine for what we thought was the last birding weekend until we return from our leave in South Africa. (We were due to fly out home this weekend) However, on Monday, the plant manager on Grant's team, had a crisis at home in South Africa so he had to fly out. Grant's leave was postponed for a week.

Nevertheless, we had a wonderful day of birding and spotted several juvenile birds which are always difficult to identify. I'll post about them as soon as I've had a positive ID on these.

Meanwhile I'm posting the others we spotted and which I managed to photograph.
 An African Grey Hornbill which was calling to a [prospective] mate which I could hear somewhere behind me in the bush as I took these photos
 Here it stopped and listened to the answering call of the prospective mate 

 Black-headed Heron

 Fischer's Sparrowlark - a lifer for me and Grant

Glossy Ibis Juvenile

Great White Pelican
 Long-tailed Cormorant Juvenile
Red-knobbed Coot 

I always photograph these Red-knobbed Coots when at the dam, yet on Sunday I managed to snap one angling for it's lunch! 

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  1. Wonderful for you, Jo, especially the lifer, and the lunch-hunter!
    Too bad your trip has been postponed. I know three cats who will be happy you're still home.
    Keep us posted.
    Luv, K

  2. Sorry to hear about the crisis that Grant's boss has. I know dealing with crises is never fun! I'm sure Grant is happy that the delay is only a week. Until then, enjoy. I know you are well prepared for your time away. Hugs. xx

  3. Hi Jo What will be, will be and usually for a good reason. Great bird shots.

  4. Sorry that Grant's leave had to be postponed. I love all the birds and photos, Jo! One of my favorites is the Hornbill!
    Thanks for sharing, have a happy week!

  5. Great series!! Boom &Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  6. Its been like a madhouse at work and at home that I haven't really looked at blogs for over a week.

    I'm always at awe at the amount of birds you have around there. Don't really know what I was thinking though

  7. Glad you get to bird some more but bummer about having to wait another week for holiday.

  8. Very interesting! I enjoyed visiting your blog.

  9. Nice set of pictures - the hornbill is a wonderful looking bird.

    Sorry to hear to find it hard to access my site sometimes - this is the first I have heard of this issue - will keep an eye open.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  10. the hornbill quite unique from my side of the world - some interesting birds you've shared


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